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Alzheimer's research
by Ted Rudow III, MA (Tedr77 [at]
Friday Mar 14th, 2014 3:12 PM
The U.S. invests only $550 million in Alzheimer's research each year, as compared to $5.7 billion for cancer research, $8.3 billion and rising for nuclear weapons, and approximately $1 trillion total for militarism.

Click here to tell Congress and the President to adjust these priorities now.

While numerous experts believe U.S. counter-terrorism actually increases terrorism, it is in any case aimed at countering a cause of death that doesn't make anyone's list of the top 100.

A rational national defense policy would invest less in shooting missiles into homes in Yemen and more into researching Alzheimer's (as well as cancer and heart disease) -- to find both possible cures and possible causes of the illness.

"If our government put the money it now puts into military adventures and bases around the world, snooping on American citizens, and trying to overthrow elected governments, instead into Alzheimer's research, the world would benefit from our taxes instead of suffer from their misuse," said Rabbi Michael Lerner.

Ted Rudow III, MA