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Problems With Chase Bank
by John Thielking (pagesincolor [at]
Wednesday Mar 12th, 2014 4:52 PM
Chase Bank is no longer a serious bank. Has anyone else had problems with them similar to what I am having?
Has anyone else experienced the following problem with their bank recently (my bank is Chase)? Scores of debit card charges over the past two months have been declined allegedly due to the transactions being flagged for possible fraud. I say allegedly because I doubt this is the real reason. Two sets of transactions cause me to think that legitimate flagging for fraud is not the true cause. One set of transactions was with Microsoft to do a prepayment for the Bing search engine. Half the online marketers in the world use Bing so doing a transaction with them through Chase should be completely routine. Another set of transactions over a period of two months or more was for my web hosting company esilverbullet. I have had the exact same debit charges (on the exact same days of the month) paid to that account through Chase (and before that to brightbuilders who were sold to esilverbullet paid through Wamu before Wamu became Chase) for the past 11 years. Why they decided to flag that set of transactions for fraud at this late date is a complete mystery. When I talked to a customer service rep at my local Chase branch he told me that he has had similar problems with his debit card. In my view, Chase is no longer a serious bank. I am moving all of my monthly online billing to no longer use my Chase debit card, effective immediately. In some cases I am paying my bills for 6 months in advance by check. Does anyone else have any comments or experiences to add?