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More trauma and Drama at the hand of Chief David Cerda, Parlier PD
by Nicholas Rincon
Sunday Mar 9th, 2014 8:37 PM
Sex offenders run amuck, poor equipment and no training seems to be the norm.
More trauma and Drama at the hand of Chief David Cerda, Parlier PD:

Under the lack of supervision by Chief David Cerda registered sex offenders go unchecked. A recent check of the Megan’s Law website ( finds that all of the sex offenders in “Parlier” have this statement associated with their registration: “THE REGISTRANT MAY HAVE SUBSEQUENTLY RELOCATED”. Of the 16 who live in the city and county area of Parlier seven are out of compliance and on the run. No one at the PD is tasked with the periodic compliance checks of the offenders not does the PD maintain any records of them as required by law. Cerda will point the finger at others but ultimately it is he that is responsible for the safety of our community.

At least go knock on the door and see what you can find out. Isn’t that what we pay you to do?

It was embarrassing to go on a ride-a-long and see that the majority of the vehicles in the PD fleer have something wrong with them. Air bag lights are on, check engine lights are on, etc… Balance and alignment, what’s that? In fact they have brand new Dodge Chargers that look really neat sitting in the parking lot. No cages, red and blue lights, siren, or police radios. WOW!

And why are the officers not in compliance with state training requirements? The state requires 24 hours of skills training every two years by all sworn officers in our great state. None of the officers can remember having this training even though there is a law enforcement training center run by Fresno PD that is less than 20 miles from Parlier. You have officers in the department conducting background and internal affairs investigations that have not been to the state mandated training as well.

Can anyone say liability?

A true leader would be able to multitask and handle these issues. “Bringing balance to the force as it were”. The PD is tired and needs refreshing.
by Dan Waterhouse
Monday Mar 10th, 2014 9:22 AM
Parlier is broke. It's one thing to complain that officers aren't getting needed training, but if the City Council can't afford to send them, blaming the chief is pathetic. Go complain to the mayor and council instead.

Given that the Sheriff investigates anything major in Parlier (e.g. the youth coach who was killed by his neighbor), and has for decades, contracting might not be a bad idea. By and large the small town departments handle low level crime and bar fights. The Sheriff handles major felonies generally. Sometimes the Sheriff does a decent job, sometimes she doesn't.