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The Damn Fool in the White House
by Stephen Lendman
Sunday Mar 2nd, 2014 11:53 PM
The Damn Fool in the White House

by Stephen Lendman

Geopolitical conditions today are incendiary. Obama's war on Syria rages. No end in sight looms.

Washington manipulated peace talks to fail. Odds favor full scale US intervention. Doing so risks regional war.

In late February, Israel bombed Hezbollah targets. It did so along Lebanon's border with Syria.

Hezbollah vowed to respond "at the appropriate time." It justifiably denounced "blatant" Israeli "aggression."

Washington and Israel partner in regional adventurism. Do Obama and Netanyahu want war on Lebanon? Are they planning regional conflict?

Will Iran be targeted? Will US-orchestrated Venezuelan violence continue? Will other nations be targeted for regime change?

The damn fool in the White House risks global war. Ukraine is a major flashpoint. Conditions today are the most dangerous since the 1962 missiles of October crisis.

Jack Kennedy was president. Early in his administration he changed from cold warrior to peacemaker.

He wanted all nuclear weapons abolished. He favored "general and complete disarmament." He wanted all US forces out of Vietnam by December 1965.

He wanted to "splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds."

After resolving the 1962 crisis, he said he "never had the slightest intention" of confronting Cuba or Soviet Russia aggressively.

The damn fool in the White House is no Jack Kennedy. Neocons infest his administration. Rogue elements make policy.

Ousting Ukraine's democratically elected government was planned long before violence erupted last November.

Obama partnered with neo-Nazis extremists. He's got a tiger by the tail. Millions of Ukrainians reject them. Expect millions more to join them once their agenda becomes apparent.

Eastern Ukraine is largely pro-Russian. Crimeans may choose independence. East/West tensions keep escalating.

The damn fool in the White House risks war. He outrageously warned Putin against intervening.

On Saturday, Russia's upper house Federation Council authorized use of military forces in Crimea.

Putin requested deployment permission to protect the safety of Russian nationals.

On Sunday, RIA Novosti reported "(l)arge movements of Russian troops...around the (Crimean) peninsula…"

Western media headlines lied. They screamed Russian invasion. The CIA-linked Washington Post claimed "Russian forces seize(d) Crimea."

Neo-Nazi coup d'etat interim Ukraine president Oleksandr Turchynov accused Russia of "direct aggression against the sovereignty of Ukraine."

Neocon WaPo editors headlined "Condemnation isn't enough for Russian actions in Crimea."

"Invasion," they screamed. They outrageously accused Putin of "provoking a separatist rebellion..."

Obama and EU partners "must act quickly to prevent Ukraine's dismemberment," they said.

They support Ukraine's illegitimate xenophobic, ultranationalist, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi coup plotters. They demand Moscow recognize them.

They demand Obama order a "heavy price" otherwise. They want Western monied interests given a free hand to rape and pillage Ukraine. They barely stopped short of urging war.

On Saturday, Obama and Putin spoke for 90 minutes. The damn fool in the White House wrongfully accused him of breaching international law.

He threatened unspecified "costs." Washington won't participate in upcoming preparatory G-8 talks, he said. Russia risks political and economic isolation, he added.

Ukrainians have the right to determine their own future, he claimed. His orchestrated coup denies them entirely.

Putin won't be bullied. He won't roll over for Washington. He'll responsibly defend Russian interests.

He'll do so, he told Obama. He'll protect the safety and security of Crimean Russian nationals, he said. He'll do so in other eastern areas if needed.

Real threats exist. He'll address them responsibly. If violence threatens Russian nationals, he'll take "all necessary measures" against it.

He'll do so "within the framework of international law." He stressed the need to prevent crisis conditions from escalating. He expressed concern about Kiev ultranationalist putschists usurping power.

Security Council members held an emergency Saturday session. Vitaly Churkin is Russia's UN ambassador.

Crimean authorities requested Russian help, he said. Claims about invading Russian forces are false.

"In the eastern part of Ukraine and Crimea in particular, we have seen the emergence of people from Kiev with a clear intention of repeating what has been happening in the Western part of Ukraine," he said.

Coup plotters "want to replace regional governments," he stressed.

Radicalized elements control Kiev, he added. They replaced what remains of legitimate Ukrainian governance.

Churkin called on Security Council members to act responsibly. He wants them to tell Kiev elements to refrain from violence.

Gunmen attempts to seize control of Crimean government buildings were foiled, he explained.

Russia's Federation Council authorized limited stabilizing military forces "on the territory of Ukraine" until "socio-political" conditions "normal(ize)."

Putin hasn't yet ordered it, he said. Claims otherwise are false. Or that Russia intends using military force against Ukraine.

Churkin urged all sides act "with cool heads." He wants Security Council members to order reinstitution of the February 21 agreement.

He wants Ukraine's legitimate government respected. He recommended establishing national unity governance.

Events in Ukraine remain fluid. Voice of Russia (VOR) reported mass defections from Ukraine's military serving in Crimea.

Deployed units are joining local self-defense forces. Soldiers doing so reject Kiev putschists. They resigned from Ukraine's military. Key is what its commanders do ahead.

At the same time, thousands of pro-Moscow supporters rallied in eastern Ukrainian cities. They back Russia's anti-Kiev position.

On Saturday, headlined "Ukrainian Navy flagship takes Russia's side - report."

The Hetman Sahaidachny reportedly refused to follow Kiev orders. It hoisted the Russian flag.

Federation Council member Igor Morozov said it "c(ame) over to our side today." The move came after Ukraine's "Navy command resigned Friday," said RT.

Coup d'etat president Aleksandr Turchinov appointed Rear Admiral Denis Berezovsky new navy chief.

He defected straightaway. "I, Berezovksy Denis, swear allegiance to the Crimean people and pledge to protect them, as required by (military) regulations.," he said.

The Hetman Sahaidachny headed home to Sevastopol after taking part in a Yanukovych authorized counter-piracy operation with NATO and the EU.

On Saturday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev spoke to his illegitimate Ukrainian counterpart, Arseniy Yatsenyuk. He urged both sides prioritize stability.

He said Russia reserves the right to protect "the lawful interests of citizens and servicemen deployed in the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea."

If needed, Russian forces "have the right to act in the framework of the mandate issued by the Federation Council to the president," he added.

Ukrainian officials act irresponsibly "if they make unlawful decisions on the use of force against Russian citizens," he stressed.

On Sunday, Ukraine's coup d'etat parliament held an emergency closed-door session. Reports suggest martial law may be imposed.

Neo-Nazis operate this way. Rule of law principles don't matter. Imposed tyranny ups the stakes further.

It remains to be seen how western Ukrainians react. Expect eastern ones to ignore Kiev diktats. What happens then is up for grabs.

On Sunday, Crimean Prime Minister Vladimir Konstantinov told Kiev to stay out of Crimea's business.

"You in Kiev sort it out between yourselves, and we will deal with the republic's problems," he said.

Most Crimean law enforcement and military officials feel the same way, he added. They support local defense forces.

They want protection from anti-Russian elements. Konstantinov warned Kiev against forcefully trying to usurp control in Crimea as well as other areas resisting its authority.

On March 2, Ukraine's Belgorod Governor Yevgeny Savchenko said three pro-Russian regions reported increasing refugee flows.

Thousands from southern, eastern and central Ukraine came to Belgorod. They reject Kiev authority. They're concerned for their safety.

Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev said Ukrainians no longer feel safe in their country. Bryansk Region Governor Nikolay Denin said the same thing.

Russia's Federal Border Guard Service estimates around 675,000 Ukrainians sought refuge in Russia in January and February.

Expect many thousands more to join them. Chaotic conditions drive them to seek safety.

On Saturday, Russian immigration authorities reported 143,000 asylum requests in a two week period. They promised expedited processing of their requests.

According to Federal Migration Service citizenship department head Valentina Kazakova:

"The tragic events in Ukraine have sharply increased the number of applications to regional migration authorities."

"People are bewildered, frightened and despondent, she added.

Increasing numbers of Ukrainians living in Russia are applying for citizenship.

The neocon infested Project for the New American Century (PNAC) renamed itself the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI).

Its directors and staff include a rogue's gallery of hard-right extremists. They deplore peace. They crave war. On March 1, they issued a statement on Russia's so-called "intervention in Ukraine."

They lied claiming "Putin has violated Ukrainian sovereignty..." Obama 'warned' him, they said. '(T)here will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine,' he said.

FPI rogues want Obama to "lead the world (in) impos(ing) (them) and to ensure his bullying fails."

They demand Putin renege on his promise to protect Crimean Russian nationals.

They want John Kerry and Chuck Hagel to visit Kiev. They want them to "show solidarity" with its neo-Nazi coup d'etat government.

They want bilateral US/Russian discussions suspended unrelated to ongoing events.

They want financial sanctions imposed on Russian officials.

They want NATO member states having the option of abandoning NATO-Russia Founding Act of 1997 provisions.

They include prohibiting NATO force deployments in former Warsaw Pact countries. Ten, including former Soviet republics, are NATO member nations.

"It is critical that the United States and the international community make clear to President Putin that his military intervention in Ukraine is unacceptable, and will isolate the Russian government diplomatically, politically and economically," said FPI.  

"Failure to do so will only reward President Putin's indefensible and dangerous actions, and could embolden him to take further actions towards Ukraine and its neighbors."

Obama's administration is infested with FPI type extremists. How he'll respond to events remains to be determined.

At stake is world peace. Will the damn fool in the White House undermine it further? His track record isn't encouraging.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen [at]

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at

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by Never Forgive, Never Forget
Monday Mar 3rd, 2014 9:02 PM
The crisis in Ukraine is a milestone in history in many ways. The latest is the expose of Israeli Zionist special forces accepting the leadership of proud Nazis in Ukraine, participating in the CIA's coup d'état to overthrow the democratically elected Ukrainian government. This story is at
"Ukraine: Israeli Special Forces Unit under Neo-Nazi Command Involved in Maidan Riots" by Michel Chossudovsky, 3/3/14 at
and was originally in

"In Kiev, an Israeli army vet led a street-fighting unit" by Cnaan Liphshiz, 2/28/14, Global Jewish News Source at

Pertinent paragraphs:
Under the title “In Kiev, an Israeli army vet led a street-fighting unit”, the Jewish News Agency JTA confirms that soldiers from the IDF were involved in the EuroMaidan protest movement under the direct command of the Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party. The Svoboda Party follows in the footsteps of World War II Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera.

The leader of the “Blue Helmets of Maidan” is Delta “the nom de guerre of the commander of a Jewish-led militia force that participated in the Ukrainian revolution”. Delta is a Veteran of the notorious Givati infantry brigade, which was involved in numerous operations directed against Gaza including Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009.

The Givati brigade was responsible for the massacres in the Tel el-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza. Delta, the leader of the EuroMaidan IDF unit acknowledges that he acquired his urban combat skills in the Shu’alei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the Givati brigade.

According to the JTA report, Delta was in command of a force of 40 men and women including several former IDF veterans. In the EuroMaidan, Delta was routinely applying his skills of urban warfare which he had used against the Palestinians in Gaza.

The Maidan “Street fighting unit” under Delta’s command was involved in confronting government forces. It is unclear from the reports whether the EuroMaidan combat unit was in liaison with IDF command headquarters in Israel:

The Blue Helmets comprise 35 men and women who are not Jewish, and who are led by five ex-IDF soldiers, says Delta, an Orthodox Jew in his late 30s

Delta, who immigrated to Israel in the 1990s, moved back to Ukraine several years ago … He says he joined the protest movement as a volunteer on Nov. 30, after witnessing violence by government forces against student protesters.

“I saw unarmed civilians with no military background being ground by a well-oiled military machine, and it made my blood boil,” Delta told JTA in Hebrew laced with military jargon. “I joined them then and there, and I started fighting back the way I learned how, through urban warfare maneuvers. People followed, and I found myself heading a platoon of young men. Kids, really.”

The other ex-IDF infantrymen joined the Blue Helmets later after hearing it was led by a fellow vet, Delta said.

In a bitter irony, Delta, the commander of the IDF militia unit was taking his orders directly from the Neo-Nazi Party Svoboda:

As platoon leader, Delta says he takes orders from activists connected to Svoboda, an ultra-nationalist [Neo-Nazi] party that has been frequently accused of anti-Semitism and whose members have been said to have had key positions in organizing the opposition protests.

“I don’t belong [to Svoboda], but I take orders from their team. They know I’m Israeli, Jewish and an ex-IDF soldier. They call me ‘brother,’” he said.
The Zionists, were Nazi collaborators during World War 2, signing a Transfer Agreement to break the boycott against Nazi Germany to save their own skins, and were the founders of the racist, anti-women, theocratic, US military base called Israel. Today, they collaborate with Nazi USA, which has exactly the same agenda as Nazi Germany, namely maximization of profits for the capitalist class.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The Democrats and Republicans are 100% pro-Israel at every level of office. We are witnessing total unity in demonizing Russia, just like Nazi Germany did, no surprise as Nazi Germany was created by the capitalist world to destroy the Soviet Union. Change your voter registration now to the only 2 peace, anti-Zionist parties on the ballot, Peace & Freedom Party and the Green Party. Voting for them is not enough; you must register in one of these parties to see them on the ballot after 2014.

You can register online at:

For more information, see: (Cindy Sheehan for Governor Campaign)


AND WHILE YOU WAIT FOR KPFA'S 6 P.M. EVENING NEWS TO REVEAL THIS LATEST HORROR OF Israeli-Nazi collaboration, and stop demonizing the Russians who are literally saving lives, you can and should read as much of the following on the history of Zionism and why you should support cutting off all US aid to Israel:

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe
(2006) Oneworld Publications, ISBN 978-1-85168-555-4
(Has full details on the 1948 to present mass murder of boys and men, rape and murder of girls and women and theft of Palestinian land all planned by David Ben-Gurion, first president of Israel, and cohorts, as Ben-Gurion described in his diary quoted in Pappe’s book.)

Israel-Palestine on Record by Howard Friel and Richard Falk
(2007) Verso, ISBN 978-1-84467-109-0 (Contains eyewitness testimony for 2000 to 2006 of Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes and the horrors of daily life in Occupied Palestine due to daily Israeli terrorism, all paid for with $6 billion US tax dollars annually, making Israel the 4th largest military gang in the world).

Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields:

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

Occupy AIPAC (AIPAC stands for American Israel Public Affairs Committee-pro-capitalist, pro-Israel wealthy lobbyists who deliver almost entire US Congress and every president to support the US military base that exists to protect US Middle East oil profits and US imperialism around the world, commonly known as Israel. They are officially lobbyists but in reality, are a mouthpiece of the US capitalist class as Israel is a colony of the US. Occupy AIPAC opposes AIPAC.)

National Lawyers Guild: Free Palestine Committee

Al-Nakba (Catastrophe) Awareness Campaign

Zionism in the Age of Dictators by Lenni Brenner at

The Iron Wall by Lenni Brenner at

The Hidden History of Zionism by Ralph Schoenman at

Boycott, Divest, Sanctions Movement against Zionist Israel at

US Campaign for Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel

Madison, Wisconsin/Rafeh Sister City Project

Gaza Freedom Flotilla

The Israeli Military State starts in childhood at:

"Ukraine: Israeli Special Forces Unit under Neo-Nazi Command Involved in Maidan Riots" by Michel Chossudovsky, 3/3/14 at

Israel’s nuclear war capacity and history of threatening the former Soviet Union in an excellent article by John Steinbach:
Zionsts and Anti-Communist Witchhunts in the USA

The Strange History of the Anti-Defamation League: ADL Spies
by Jeffrey Blankfort, June 12, 2013, Counterpunch at

The Israel Lobby Archive at
51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis edited by Lenni Brenner
(2002) Barricade Books, New Jersey, ISBN 1-56980-235-1

The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black
(1984, 2001) Carroll & Graf, NY, ISBN 0-7867-0841-7

The Third Reich and the Palestine Question by Francis Nicosia
(1985) University of Texas Press, ISBN 0-292-72731-3

Walled: Israeli Society at an Impasse by Sylvain Cypel
(2005, 2006) Other Press, ISBN 13:978-1-5905 1-210-4
(A good early history of the apartheid wall and history and contemporary life of Israel and its relationship to the US as a military base. The lack of separation of church and state is evident as “All Israeli students study the Hebrew Bible in public school for several hours a week, from the elementary grades through high school (knowledge of the Bible is tested on the high school exit examination.)” (p. 177) Superstition and militarism clearly go together This is a sign of an extremely backward society).

A Wall in Palestine by Rene Backman
(2006, 2010) Picador/St. Martin’s Press, NY ISBN 978-0-312-42781-8
(Good maps of the apartheid wall and description of resistance to it; it is clearly a land grab as there are means of going through wall and thus it has nothing to do with security; also describes segregated roads and racist license system).

An Israeli in Palestine by Jeff Halper (an American who moved to Israel in 1973 at age 27, is a professor of anthropology, is the leader of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and supports the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Campaign against Israel described in Appendix 4). (2008) Pluto Press, ISBN 978-0-7453-2226-1. “There is not even a civil mechanism by which Jewish, Christian, and Muslim citizens of Israel can marry each other since personal status, citizenship, marriage, death, inheritance, is regulated by religious and not civil law.” p. 76

Palestine Inside Out by Saree Makdisi, (2008, 2010) Norton Press, ISBN 978-0-393-33844-7. With a beautiful foreword by Alice Walker, comparing the racist horrors of Zionist Israel to white racism in the USA, Makdisi, a Palestinian-American professor of English literature at UCLA, writes a detailed account of the daily horrors of life in Occupied Palestine. His periodic sections “By the Numbers” offer useful statistics, his maps are plentiful, and his entire book is a ringing indictment of the mental illness that is religion and the anti-women horror of theocratic states. As Americans read it, we must remember that this is all paid for with our tax dollars and supported 100% by every single Democratic and Republican politician at every level of government. It is opposed by all socialist parties and the Green Party.

Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, Vol. 3 by Alan Hart (2005, 2010) Clarity Press, ISBN 0-932863-69-8/978-0-932863-69-0. Alan Hart, a former ITN (part of British news agency that produces outstanding Channel 4 of UK) and BBC Panorama correspondent, covers the horrors of Zionism in Israel and its relationship to the United States from 1967 to January 2010 from the perspective of a non-Jewish journalist perspective with lots of worthwhile insights.

DVD-Warner Classics: The Ramallah Concert: Knowledge Is The Beginning with West-Eastern Divan Orchestra conducted by Daniel Barenboim. Ramallah Concert program: Mozart Sinfonia, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Elgar’s Nimrod from Enigma Variations. Orchestra consists of young Jewish Israelis and Arabs of many countries, including Palestine, plus some Europeans.