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Vigil for Peace in Ukraine
Date Monday March 03
Time 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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Courthouse Square, 3rd St. and Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa
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The United States and Russia are once again playing muscle politics - staring each other down across Ukraine. Both countries have long histories of meddling to destabilize governments and both have huge arsenals. Let's not replay 1914.

Please bring your signs saying "U.S.A. and Russia: Hands Off Ukraine!"
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There can be no more "curse on both your houses" routine. The United States promoted this nightmare by funding outright Nazis. As you should know from history, the Nazis were first and foremost anti-Communist, having been created by the capitalist world in Germany for the specific purpose of destroying the Left in Germany and destroying the Soviet Union so as to maximize capitalist profits, the primary goal of capitalism. It is thanks to the Soviet Union that we are all alive today as the deciding battle of WW2 was fought at Stalingrad, 1942-1943, before the US opened its long overdue Second Front, better known as the Race to Berlin, which the US lost, in 1944, ending with the Red Army being the first in Berlin in May 1945. The Jewish community tried to celebrate liberation by the Red Army this year in Ukraine, but did not because of fear for their lives from US sponsored fascists. See the nature of the fascist government in Ukraine supported by the US:

"The U.S. has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine" by Michel Chossudovsky, 3/2/14 at

Ukraine: Two Airports Seized By Anti-Coup Militias; Neo-Nazi Defense Minister Blames Russia" by Steve Argue (be sure to read all his previous stories which are linked at the bottom)

"Democrats Promote Fascism in Ukraine & American Prisons"

"Armed Americans at Ukrainian "Protests;" Where is SF Protest of WW3?"

"More News From Ukraine and Mother Russia; Stop Anti-Semitism & Fascism in Ukraine Now!"

All of Steve Lendman's articles on everything are worth reading. See

You cannot get on an Anti-Russian bandwagon in the face of fascism in Ukraine and expect to promote peace. These anti-Semitic thugs, sponsored with our tax dollars in Ukraine, have firebombed a Jewish temple, defaced another Jewish temple, violently attacked Jews in the street, and now hold cabinet positions. They are now promoting anti-abortion, outlawing the Russian language, abolishing the Ukrainian Communist Party whose offices were attacked, destruction of Lenin statutes, which they have done, and glorifying Nazi Ukrainian collaborators during World War 2.

It is good to see that the Russian bear has finally woken from hibernation. If we had had the Soviet Union when the United States illegally attacked Iraq and Afghanistan, they would never have been attacked. Now that Nazi USA is at the gates of Russia, Russia has no choice but to react to save its very existence. The American 6th Fleet is now in the Black Sea. NATO, the notorious anti-Communist, now anti-Russian gang of thugs, is in Western Ukraine, to prop up the fascists the US installed in Ukraine. Here is what Steve Lendman says about how the people of Ukraine feel about the fascist thugs the US installed in the Ukrainian government:

"On Saturday, thousands of Crimeans marched through Simferopol streets. They displayed large Russian tricolor flags. They chanted pro-Russian slogans. They carried posters reading "No to fascism." "No to Nazism." Russian flags were raised in Odessa, Kharkov and other Ukrainian cities. Battle lines increasingly are drawn."

Ukraine was the birthplace of Russia. Significant numbers of Ukrainians are native Russian speakers, and in Crimea, they are the majority. Outlawing a language spoken in a country is a violation of international law. So is anti-Semitism and all other fascist acts. The Russians have had a base in Crimea since the 18th Century, and now, finally, they are there in full force, it appears. Three Cheers for Russia; Down with Nazi Ukraine!