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Single Payer Health Insurance HR 676 Is The Very Best
by Mark Wexler
Tuesday Feb 11th, 2014 1:50 PM
Single payer health insurance is much better than private health insurance.
What this country needs is single payer health insurance because what we have today is just garbage health insurance. It is extremely sad that nobody in the print media and nobody on television ever mentions HR 676 which is single payer health insurance.
HR 676 is a bill in the U.S. Congress but it has not passed either chamber of congress. There are plenty of good things that HR 676 will bring to consumers. HR 676 has no co-pays, no deductibles, no bills, no premiums and BEST of all it has no private health insurance companies.
For more information you should check out the internet site of "Single Payer Action" which has a link to HR 676 bill. When you read the complete bill of HR 676 you will find that it is paid for. When you check out the internet site of "Single Payer Action" you will find plenty of news stories about single payer health insurance.