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Cops kill woman behaving erratically & complaining about police
by KK Smith
Friday Feb 7th, 2014 5:50 PM
Cops kill woman behaving erratically & complaining about police
Hayward California police shoot to kill 62 year-old woman who is complaining about previous police interaction--getting shot would have taught her not to complain about the police, if she had lived. I find it difficult to believe cops on scene could not come up with a better solution than shooting 6 slugs into her with full intent to kill. Did the de facto SWAT team even try to assess the situation? Older people who are behaving erratically could have low blood sugar or a head injury. Then they arrest the 23 year-old son on drug charges after he just saw cops gun down his mom in cold blood like she was public enemy one. Of course as usual when police murder innocent people, the cops saw a weapon or something that looked like a weapon. Hayward police just last year busted into an apartment and immediately killed dad after his 9 year-old daughter called police because she was scared by an argument parents were having. The child has to live with the guilt of causing a family disaster and missing her father. My husband is her school teacher.