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US `Just Us' system thumbs its nose at Indigenous sovereignty
by tree son
Friday Feb 7th, 2014 4:33 PM
In the `What Else is New' department, the AmeriKKKlan `Just Us Criminals' department reinforces the falsehood that it's `their' land.

The AmeriKKKlan `justice' system is still playing cowboys and Indians. On Jan. 3rd of this year, Native elder and pipe-carrier Zachary Runningwolf was arrested on bogus charges stemming from an incident which happened at the Occupy to Decolonize site on Nov. 15 last. On that morning, someone claiming to represent `Safety First Oakland'* came by w\ the intent of illegally removing signs and banners from the chain-link fence along the sidewalk at the O2D site, where I-580 passes over Telegraph Ave. in Oaktown, claiming that it was part of SFO's BID. He was met by resistance by Runningwolf and myself, and an unknown individual who threw debris onto his truck from the freeway overpass.

As a result, Runningwolf was arrested and charged w\ vandalism, assault, and a probation violation. Thanx to exsculpatory evidence [video footage] provided by yours truly, the vandalism and assault charges were dropped. But, alas, the footage also showed that Runningwolf was `trespassing' [cowboys telling Indians they daren't be on Indian land, what a larf], the probation violation charge stuck. Ergo, on Feb. 5, Runningwolf was sentenced to 45 days in Santa Rita, w\ credit for time already served. As if that wasn't bad enough, the DA's office wanted him sentenced to a year.

*- The description of `Safety First Oakland' that's given on their web site is pretty vague, but clear enough to believe it's another pro-law and order and gentrification organization.