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Pasamontaña; Zapatismo: a snapshot
by Ida Lobo
Sunday Feb 2nd, 2014 12:43 PM
This zine explains Zapatista history and the current project of autonomy to those in the U.S. who either know very little about the movement, or don't understand how it operates on the ground. It explains how the movement evolved and gives a brief insight into how their autonomous government, school system, health care...etc operate today. Please print and share with your comrades, friends, and communities!
Many people in the U.S. know that the Zapatista movement came into the public eye with its uprising on January 1st, 1994, but how does it operate today, twenty years later? This zine attempts to give insight into how the Zapatistas are constructing a different world, and what this process looks like on the ground.