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Open Letter to Visitors from a Bulb Resident (POSTER PDF)
by FireWorks
Friday Jan 31st, 2014 4:04 PM
PDF poster featuring the famous text of the "Open Letter," written on the rocky shoreline of the Albany Bulb that addresses visitors about the ongoing battle over the space.

Download PDF
In November of 2013, rock barricades went up at the Albany Bulb. Although removed by police and city workers the next day, the action signaled that both residents and resistance to a Bulb eviction - is here to stay. In December, when police and city workers destroyed camps and people's property, Bulb supporters were able to halt city work trucks and keep police out. In the last several months, the city of Albany has attempted to remove the residents on the Albany Bulb and place them in a jail like dormitory. Police harassment has also increased, with police giving out tickets, destroying camps, and even shooting someone's dog. Few residents have stayed in the trailers and around 50 people still live on the Bulb. Bulb supporters have also organized a variety of camp-outs, actions, educational events, and marches.

The struggle at the Albany Bulb has been ongoing for close to 6 months now, as residents and supporters have battled the eviction, police harassment, and city government. The battle at the Albany Bulb is one of the largest and most public struggles against development and displacement in the bay area.

FireWorks is pleased to present this new poster to help spread word about the struggle at the Albany Bulb and give a voice for residents there. The "Open Letter" was written by several residents last year and can be viewed on slabs of concrete at the Bulb (ask a resident on where it is!). With talk by local elites to raze People’s Park in Berkeley, those that cherish user controlled and autonomous spaces must be on their guard.

May the art stay, the dogs run off leash, and the squats continue.

Impartial Timeline of Bulb Resistance:

*September 3rd, Bulb residents and supporters march from the Albany Bulb to the Albany City Council.

*Throughout September, various film showings of "Where Do you go When it Rains?" and "Share the Bulb" take place throughout Albany, Oakland, and Berkeley. Films are followed by community discussions and panels.

*September 21st, Solano Community Church and friends make chalk messages up and down Solano Ave promoting the message of "Share the Bulb."

*Late September, banners are dropped over the University freeway over pass proclaiming, "Defend the Bulb!"

*September 28th, several hundred people throughout the day participate in community discussions around fighting to save the Albany Bulb and enjoy a potluck and live music from Blackbird RAUM and others.

*October 2nd, between 50-75 people participate in a general assembly to plan actions to defend the Bulb and also stage a "solidarity camp-out."

*October 4th, a Bulb resident, Amber, files a lawsuit against the city of Albany, claiming the city broke the law by failing to provide access to low-income housing.

*October 5th, a small group of protesters demonstrate outside of Robert Cheasty's home. Cheasty is one of the most vocal proponents of the eviction of the Bulb. Read more about him here.

*October 7th, people march from the Albany City Council to Solano Ave where they stage a one night camp-out on the street.

*October 8th, the Sierra Culb of Berkeley, one of the groups backing the eviction, is vandalized with slogans against the eviction.

*October 11th, protest outside of the Sierra Club office against eviction of Albany Bulb.

*November 3rd, police shoot and kill Amore, an Albany Bulb dog.

*November 18th, after marching through the streets of Albany, people erect rock barricades to block police and city workers after a judge rules against a lawsuit that would halt the eviction of Albany Bulb residents.

*November 28th, a "Festival of Resistance" featuring films, workshops, food, and several days of camping out happens at the Bulb. An art and history walk also takes place with Amber and Osha.

*December 9th, after police and city workers destroy someone's home that has left the Bulb, people blockade the road and turn them back. Police are stopped from entering the Bulb later in the day.

*January 17th, march and camp-out on Solano Ave against eviction outside of Cheasty’s house.