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Obama's 2014 SOTU--jive from a Wall Street huckster
by DLi
Wednesday Jan 29th, 2014 3:01 AM
Last night's State of the Union address by a hypocritically hopeless "Punahou Barry" was a classic case of a lot of fire & fury, signifying nothing. Actually, it was worse than nothing, for the White House Occupier once more tried to peddle the Madison Avenue-inspired grand illusion that he and his "dim-o-craps" actually advance the interests of the 99%. What gall and baloney, for the real deal is that Obama and his buddies on Wall Street have committed more than $28 Trillion since 2008 to fatten up the wallets of the 1%!
Can you believe the audacity of this Nobel "Peace" laureate? After lavishing nearly 2 full years of the U.S. GDP equivalent on the income of the Clunkered Capitalist banksters, POTUS 44 still managed a straight face in proposing a measly $10.10/hour minimum wage on new Federal contractors(which probably only applies to maybe a few thousand workers at most)! That would amount to--take a few decimal points--maybe 0.000,000,000,000% of the Trillions his regime and the Fed have openly donated to those upper crust miscreants. Not to mention the additional Trillions Washington has pissed away in its Imperialist wars, drone killings and Joint Special Op Command assassinations across the Planet.

To paraphrase the Medal of Honor winner Marine General Smedley Butler, "Al Capone only extorted millions from victims in a few states, but Uncle Sam killed and maimed millions across 3 continents!" In short, he concluded with brilliant hindsight, GIs are unwitting "gangsters for Capitalism." If the Chicago 'Constitutional lawyer' had any real integrity or true audacity, he would/should have honestly quoted Smedley's words in their entirety.