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FCC Chair Wheeler Heckled Numerous Times During Silicon Vly Speech Thurs.
by J Hart (info [at]
Monday Jan 13th, 2014 3:07 PM
New FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler- who led the industry Wireless Association for 12 years and buried the science showing that brain tumors are caused by cell phones- was met with spirited opposition last Thursday in Mountain View at the Computer History Museum. Here is the footage.
Tom Wheeler, chair of the Federal Communications Commission, and former head of the industry Wireless Association for 12 years, got an earful from protesters on Thursday during his visit to the Bay Area. Organized by Stop Smart Meters! and the California Brain Tumor Association, protesters gathered and expressed their anger at the industry/ government collusion that is failing to warn people about- or even acknowledge- the hazards of wireless technology.

From the morning as he arrived in Mountain View to the end of the Oakland event that evening, Wheeler was peppered with questions and dealt with disruptions about how he buried the science showing a connection between cancer and cell phone use.

As Wheeler stepped out of his limo in Mountain View, he was confronted by protesters citing the ill-advised plan to place wireless in all classrooms in the US- a plan called “ConnectEd” being spearheaded by Wheeler and Obama. A teacher from the LA Unified School District who has witnessed firsthand the effects of wireless on schoolchildren repeatedly pressed Wheeler on the point that this radiation is already causing harm to our kids- and that wired computers (not a wireless Class 2B carcinogen) are safer, more secure, and can adequately prepare children for a future working with technology.

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