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"Merced's Radical Voice" blogtalk radio show
by National Brown Berets (Merced Unit)
Friday Jan 3rd, 2014 11:29 PM
Saturdays, 3:30pm
Dedicated to Community Power and Liberation in the Central Valley
We are dedicated to be the voice of the oppressed people of Merced and the surrounding area. We will be the side of the story the local media won’t tell you about. Also, we are not afraid to call things for what they really are. There are many social issues going on in the world today and we are going to bring those to light and help the people of the area see how they affect us on a local level. We will communicate Chicano militant principles that will benefit all of society. We have a goal of helping Merced become more conscious and aware of the injustices that plague our community by those that are entrusted to serve our best interests.


Jesse Ornelas is a Chicano Nationalist that has been on the front lines in the battle for social justice for a few years now. He is the Minister of Defense for the National Brown Berets and is the Commander for the Merced Unit.In addition, He is also a very out spoken person who speaks militant principles, and has spent the last couple of years organizing and taking part in several different events that are in pursuit of social change. When it comes to speaking his mind he pulls no punches and has no problem saying what needs to be said.

Victoria Castillo was born in Merced, California. Childhood was rough and spent her teenage years as a ward of the state of California. Since a young age she witnessed first hand the harsh realities of a system that perpetuates in order to generate. Experiencing the corruption of local law enforcement, representatives and supporting agencies has driven her to seek a resolution. Becoming a 'radical voice' for the oppressed is a major factor in beginning to restore a connection within her community. The CA State Coalition Against Police Brutality and Brown Berets wish to unite the people.
§Solidarity with Community Liberation
by National Brown Berets (Merced Unit) Friday Jan 3rd, 2014 11:29 PM