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Fed Up with the Fed
by carol harvey
Friday Dec 27th, 2013 12:25 PM
On the Federal Reserve's Centennial In San Francisco, Occupy San Francisco and Code Pink joined in launching a year-long “coast-to-coast campaign” to 'Illuminate the Fed.' ['Eliminate?' Certainly the intent of many.]
After sunset at 5:00 p.m., on Monday, December 23, 2013,, a national coalition of activists spanning a wide political spectrum called to action several 100th anniversary illuminated Birthday Un-Celebrations in front of eight Federal Reserve buildings in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C, Orlando, Dallas, Cleveland, and Chicago.

On the Federal Reserve's Centennial In San Francisco, Occupy San Francisco and Code Pink joined in launching a year-long “coast-to-coast campaign” to 'Illuminate the Fed.'

[Sounds like 'Eliminate?' you say.' Certainly, the intent of many.]

The Fresno Light Brigade and the San Francisco Projection Department used lighted letters and high-powered illuminated projections, flooding brilliance onto the facade and into dark heart of the 101 Market Street Federal Reserve Banking cartel where banksters perpetrate dirty deeds in secret.

'Illuminate The Fed'

'One Century Is Enough'

'Are You Fed Up?'

'Do you know where all the bailout money went?
$16 billion went to Wall Street.'

'Do you know? The Fed is mandated to promote full employment. So where are the jobs?'

Most Americans don't realize the privately held Federal Reserve Bank isn't Federal nor, in the truest sense of the word, a Bank as it does not hold silver or gold in 'Reserve.'

In 1910, seven elite American and European Banksters created a 'Brilliant Deception.' To pitch a fantasy to the American People that appeared to avoid creating the 'Central Bank' people dreaded while actually slipping it past them unnoticed, these New York elites concocted the Federal Reserve System.

Though the cartel is privately owned, these banksters chose the word, 'Federal' to suggest The Fed was a Government entity.

Though it stores no hard currency, the word 'Reserve' hinted that The Fed held money back for safekeeping.

'System,' implied a powerful regional bank network. The Washington D.C. Board of Governors, in fact, connects with eleven member banks who technically own the Fed. But the names of member bank owners in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, and San Francisco are not part of the public record.

The Federal Reserve is, in fact, a public/private banking cartel --- a coalition of private banks and their anonymous CEOs promoting a mutual financial interest in monopolizing money. These elite 1910 scions of banking wanted The Fed to become the single entity dominating national and global markets.

Their Monopoly Game should alarm all U.S. citizens. 'The Fed' enables private Wall Street and member banks to collect and hoard all our game pieces and properties --- The Park Places, B&O railroads --- hotels, homes, rents, schools, tuitions, pensions, and taxes --- driving us toward penury and want, if not complete bankruptcy. Their endgame is to control our whole economy and all our money – for Power.

In San Francisco, 101 Market Street protestors chalked a beautiful sidewalk Monopoly board with rules to show how this rigged game is played. The debt will never be paid because the Banksters make money off it.

On December 22, 1913, after most of Congress left for Christmas, the remaining members passed The Federal Reserve Act. President Wilson's signature established the Federal Reserve System, legally empowering The Fed to issue Bank Notes --- or dollars --- as legal tender. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 also gave The Fed the exclusive right to loan money to Congress.

The elite bankers' plan was to gradually sever the gold and paper money link. Finally, in 1971, they 'inspired' President Nixon to dump the Gold Standard. This freed them to print fistfuls of paper whenever Congress requested it to fund everything from infrastructure to --- as it turned out --- mostly wars.

The simple trick these banksters played on unsuspecting citizens was that, without backing by gold or silver or hard valuable stuff, American money is air. “The Fed Fraudsters create Funny Money out of nothing,' George Gaboury, Assistant Organizer, Golden Gate Liberty Revolution, told the cheering San Francisco crowd.

In his book, “The Creature From Jekyll Island, [an actual Island off Georgia owned by Rockefellers and Morgans where they pulled this rabbit out of their nether regions) G. Edward Griffin calls this the “Mandrake Mechanism” after the late 1940s comic-book character, Mandrake the Magician, who could create something from nothing.

The remarkable predominance of vacancy called 'Fiat Money,' renders our entire economy a fiction, the repercussions of which are staggering.

Congress's 'power of the purse' authorizes printing currency, spending money, and taxing citizens. The enormous payoff for Banksters was that, through partnership with government established in 1913, they could now print and loan money to Congress and the public with interest. Printing more empty Funny Money sucks out even more interest that taxpayers fund. This explains why Fedup100's organizer, Jane Smith, told a San Francisco crowd of about 300, “Money should be created by the government as money, not interest bearing debt.“

Punctuating his key words, Gaboury explained, “As they pump in purchasing power, it explodes into the new Funny Money for the first person who gets it and uses it. After that, the new Funny Money slowly sucks trading value out of all the other money that it touches through subsequent transactions.” (Adding water to good thick soup weakens flavor.)

Shouted Gaboury, “When they create new Fiat [empty] money, they inflate the money supply, and that fuels inflation.” The One Percent actually orchestrates boom and bust inflation-deflation cycles that spawn relaxed middle class or suffering Poor.

Banks block our understanding with complicated 'Econobabble.' An organizer, Live-streamer Jeremy, clarified 'Fractional Reserve banking.'

“Say, The Federal Reserve loans The Bank of America $100. By law, BOA can loan up to nine times what they have in 'Reserve.' So, if they have $100, they can loan out nine times that. The total loan is $900. But, $800 is empty money they don't have.

“Or, somebody gets a car loan from the bank. The car salesman creates more reserves by returning the money to the bank. Now they have $900, and they can loan out 90% of that. With several thousand dollars created, we see a compound effect.

“Roughly one to three percent of what is loaned lives in the bigger banks as reserves.” Of course, that's dollars, not gold or silver.

The Fed periodically drops interest rates to make more money off money they don't have.

Gaboury peppered the crowd with word-projectiles.

“Okay, so What are these guys? Let's sum it up. They are Robin Hood in reverse. Take from the poor and they … give to the rich. They don't want you to understand their scam.

“They manipulated the money supply to squash local banks and take over regional competitors.

“They use it to build up companies like Monsanto and Blackwater, hijack elections, buy and enslave governments everywhere, outsource jobs, fund slave labor, control mass media, confiscate and ruin natural resources.

“They use their Funny Money to force you to pay interest from taxes on their national debt fraud.

“They used it to scam you into signing mortgage and credit card debt contracts to borrow their Funny Money.

“You spend your productive years struggling to pay it back to them with interest from much of your hard-earned money.

“They used it to wipe out the value of whatever savings you had left after their inflation.

“Worst of all, they have spent Funny Money to condition you to believe that all of this is legal and ethical, and it is not. Is it?”

Crowd yells: NO!

“Darn right it's not!

“Let's occupy transparency. Full disclosure. Release the secret records of the banksters! All privately held federal reserves should be revealed to the people and audited openly to reveal the full depth and scope of their thievery!

“It's Christmas. You know, 100 years ago, they hijacked Christmas to sell out the country. Most of the congressmen were gone. The ones that were friendly were there... on December 22nd when it passed the Congress, and the 23rd when it was signed by Wilson.

“Don't you think we oughta take Christmas back?”

“Yes!' The crowd roared.

Starchild quoted Alice Walker, “The most common way that people give up power is by assuming they don't have any.”

Some clamored for the Fed to be nationalized. Some want to do away with it.

Jane Smith told a cheering crowd, “We are going to make sure there are no more birthdays of the Federal Reserve. One Century Is Enough!”
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100 Years Is Enough: Time to Make the Fed a Public Utility by Ellen BrownEllen BrownSaturday Dec 28th, 2013 7:22 PM

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