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Anti-Gentrification Meanies Pepper the Mission With Hate Speech
by Uptown Almanac
Wednesday Dec 18th, 2013 11:15 AM
repost of some funny shit
fuck-techies-brah   Now that we know "techie" is basically a racial slur thrown around to marginalize cyber Mexicans, a few tipsters have written in alerting us to the low-grade hate speech being sprayed across the neighborhood. As one tipster critiqued:
I felt the double exclamation point was unnecessary. They already made their point by spray-painting the message across the entire street.
Such divisiveness here in the Mission. It was bad enough in the days when the poors hurled around senseless epithets like "techie" and bars openly discriminated against Google Glass-enabled humans, but now this? Where will it end? img_9690   img_9691
by former Mission resident
Thursday Dec 19th, 2013 12:14 AM
Whatever they do, I shore doo hope they don't do the sidewalks in front of "Self-Edge," on Valencia at 18th, which sells $495 pairs of faux-prole blue jeans. And 'Locanda, between 17th and 16th, with its selection of $300 bottles of red?