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Please, help us stop the "Opossum Drop"
by Animal Advocates
Sunday Dec 15th, 2013 12:05 PM
Update on the "Opossum Drop" lawsuit. The judge did not dismiss the lawsuit PETA filed as the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) had requested. The Judge saw merit in all the findings by the attorneys and opossum experts as to why and how this drop can and does harm the opossums aside from the fact that it's cruel. However the Judge has allowed the NCWRC (Gordon Myers) one week to come up with a way to keep the opossum safe from the elements that cause it stress i.e. flashing lights, cannons, guns, fire crackers, extreme cold, no place to hide...
We are certain that emails and phone calls to Gordon S. Myers, Executive Director, gordon.myers [at] (919) 707-0151 and Mallory Martin mallory.martin [at] will make a difference. As opossum caretakers and rehabbers WE are the experts as explained today to the judge by PETA's attorneys. Please send polite emails and make polite phone calls to these people stating you are against the "Opossum Drop" because it's inhumane and cruel. Opossums need to hide, are naturally shy, they stress easily and are very sensitive to bright lights and loud noise.

If you care about opossums, now is the time to show it! We have one week to do this. If you want to call, you can leave a message. No one will answer on the weekend. This may determine if we win or lose the lawsuit. For them to walk in Monday to a flood of emails will be fantastic! More information about the "Opossum Drop" and PETA's lawsuit is here Thanks for your help with this, Dr. Kenneth Jones, PETA, Beth Amick and everyone else.

Mary Cummins
Animal Advocates