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Sonoma State Student Unaware of Crazy Debt After College
by Jennifer Johnstone
Sunday Dec 8th, 2013 10:13 PM
Students at Sonoma State University are not aware of the debt they are getting themselves involved in when taking out loans. Schools do not provide enough knowledge about loans and student fees.
Going to college is not what it used to be because of more fees that get imposed. Tuition and fees are increasing at crazy rates, which leaves students with student loans through the roof. We had 300 Sonoma State University students fill out a survey to see the amounts of debt students are going to have by the time they graduate. We were expecting to see a large amount of students with many thousand of dollars in debt, instead we saw the majority of the students not even knowing how much they have taken out in loans. 80% of the students did not know how much money they have borrowed or the amount of interest that was upon the loans they were taking out. This shows us how the school does not do anything to help the students understand what the majority of students are going themselves involved in. most students do not even feel informed about all of the fees that they were getting themselves involved in when coming to SSU. We asked students in our survey if there was a $500 fee increase would you be able to stay at the school and 55% of the students said that they were not sure or that they would not be able to attend anymore. We need to get the students informed about what they are taking out and how it is going to affect them after college. Student loans are not easy to get rid of and stick with you until you pay it off. Getting people more information about the place they are getting their education would help students plan for the rest of their life.