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Drakes Bay Oyster Co. Supporters Vandalize Environmental Action Committee office
by Amy Trainer
Monday Dec 2nd, 2013 11:59 AM
For the second time this year, supporters of Drakes Bay Oyster Company have vandalized the Point Reyes Station office of the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin (EAC).
Returning to work after the holiday weekend, EAC executive director Amy Trainer found oyster company signage glued with rubber cement onto both sides of the EAC wooden sign hanging in front of the office building and glued to the office front door.

“It’s very regretful that those who want to privatize Drakes Estero wilderness have engaged in such unacceptable behavior, and sadly it’s not the first time,” said Trainer.

Last February, Drakes Bay Oyster Company supporters dumped a toilet and sink with an angry note at the EAC office. That first act of vandalism toward EAC came after Trainer advocated in support of the Cease and Desist Order at the California Coastal Commission hearing. The Cease and Desist Order was unanimously approved by the Coastal Commission.

On November 23rd, the California Democratic Party’s Environmental Caucus voted in overwhelming support of wilderness in a 26-8 vote and also twice rejected a resolution to support the ongoing operation of the Drakes Bay Oyster Company by 24-8 votes. Environmental Action Committee of West Marin executive director Amy Trainer and former Sebastopol mayor Lynn Hamilton spoke on behalf of the national coalition supporting the protection Drake Estero marine wilderness.

“Perhaps this act of vandalism is in response to EAC’s strong advocacy to defend our prized national parks,” said Trainer.

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by Sarah Rolph
Tuesday Dec 3rd, 2013 12:24 PM
It is not unusual for overzealous supporters in any disagreement, be it an election, a sports competition, or even a political point of view to get carried away and do thoughtless and sometimes destructive things. This includes stealing signs from private property, painting over signs on private property and pasting up signs in places they do not belong. The sign that was pasted at EAC headquarters apparently didn't do any damage, so it seems like a stretch to call it vandalism. Actual vandalism has happened to the "Save Drakes Bay" signs put up by DBOC supporters, as was reported here:

Kevin Lunny, owner of Drakes Bay Oyster, immediately responded to the recent pasting of Save DBOC signs on the EAC sign saying he did not in any way condone such behavior. This sort of thing should not be an opportunity for either side to take pot shots at the other. We would all be best served by taking the high road, as Kevin Lunny did, by discouraging supporters from negative behavior.