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Single Payer Now Conference – Doctors Report on America’s Health 11/7/13
by Rubble
Sunday Dec 1st, 2013 2:34 PM
On November 2 & 3, hundreds of Doctors attended the Physicians for a National Health Care Program’s (PNHP) annual conference in Boston. Single Payer Now held a report back panel discussion in San Francisco on 11/7/13 .Hear six doctors who attended the 11/7/13 San Francisco meeting provide short speeches on various problematic aspects of the current system and steps to take to implement o government-based system of care for all. (63 minutes)
How to convert/replace the current Affordable Care act to a truly universal healthcare system that removes the insurance industry completely was the major topic of discussion. The speakers are as follows. Claudia Chaufan, MD Phd, UCSF Medical; Hegla Fielding, RN MSM International Nursing, San Francisco General Hospital; Nicholas Anton, MD FACP internal medicine Santa Rosa; Michael Lyon, Gray Panthers; Seth Weissman MD, Community Internist; Henry Abrons, MD, President of PNHP. Don Bechler, Organizer for Single Payer Now chaired the meeting. Mr. Bechler introduces the speakers and provides information on the movement issues before and between speakers.

Bill HR 676 apparently continues to go nowhere in the federal Congress, as both parties stump for industry lobbyists and a majority of the Democrats remain stubbornly loyal to the Obama plan. Speakers provide detail on why the current unaffordable, unsustainable plan doesn’t and never really had a chance to work well for people’s needs, and how a new plan can work for all U.S. residents.
Single Payer Now is working towards a California ballot initiate for a state level implementation which can serve as a model to be used nationwide.

Numerous states are working on similar plans. While Vermont has passed and is working on implementation of a plan, it is said to be “Single Payer” in name only, said to be dominated by two major insurers, while not really able to cover everyone. Keep up on statewide organizing issues at www.