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non binary history project - call for submissions
by dusty
Tuesday Nov 26th, 2013 5:46 PM
call for submissions to a publication documenting non binary/genderqueer identities
I am a non-binary artist curating a compilation of non-binary written and oral histories. My aim is to document our existence in the world with a collection that reaffirms our varied selves to each other and helps others to understand. I am reaching out to the internet to get in touch with as many people as possible who want to have their voices and stories preserved and shared with the world.
I am requesting submissions that document your own life and experiences as a non-binary person, or that of a non-binary person you know. Share whatever you feel comfortable! You can write a sentence or a novella. I’m including some prompts below; you can answer all, or some, or none in your response. Responses may be published, but will all be anonymous. I will be publishing responses on this project’s tumblr, as well as an edited (for brevity and obvious spelling mistakes only) e-book and hard-copy version.
I thank y’all so much in advance for your contributions! You can get updates about this project at (recently created, nothing there as of writing this). We gotta stand for each other, y’all.
Submit your stories to: [at]
Responses will be published anonymously in print and online. If you would like to be identified, please include your initials and/or location as you would like it to be listed. Responses may be edited, but ONLY for brevity (I may not publish the entire response) or obvious spelling errors (if there is any question as to whether it is intentional, I will not change it).
Prompts to answer or not answer as you wish! These are just some ideas to get you thinking about what you would like to share:
Describe your gender identity.
How do you like to present yourself?
What do you say to strangers who misgender you? What do you wish you could say?
What does ‘transitioning’ mean to/for you?
What goals do you have about your gender identity?
What pronouns do you use?
Describe when/how you first realized you were non-binary.
Did you realize that you were not your assigned gender before you realized you were non-binary?
What are some authors/books/influences that have shaped your ideas about gender?
What makes your identity feel validated? Invalidated?
What does being non-binary mean to you?
What changes would you like to see in the way society perceives non-binary people?
Do you experience dysphoria? What is it like for you?
How do you feel when you look in the mirror? What do you want to see?
Describe a time when a stranger made you feel validated about your gender identity.
Describe a time when you realized something important about/related to your gender identity.
Describe a relationship you have with someone who supports your gender identity and what that means.
Describe how you feel when you are at your best/strongest (or worst/weakest).
What ideas or wishes do you have about the future of gender?
Again, please write about whatever you want – these are just some ideas. Don’t worry if you feel like you are not a great writer – putting our feelings into words is hard and you are awesome just for putting your awesome self out there!