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San Jose State University Hate Crime Deplorable
by Santa Cruz County NAACP
Tuesday Nov 26th, 2013 11:04 AM
African-American Student at San Jose State University Endured Months of Torment by Dorm Mates
How far have we come as a nation in regard to race relations, acceptance, and tolerance? Some people will answer that we have made many strides and have come a long way. Others will answer not far enough. The racial incident against an African-American student at San Jose State University is a demonstration of the latter. This incident is appalling. Where was the university leadership? It is understandable that SJSU cannot predetermine an admitted student’s "bigotry tendencies"; however, there is a responsibility at a public university that a tone of tolerance be clearly communicated throughout the fabric of the institution. This message should be communicated first by the SJSU President and, more importantly, throughout the campus even into the residential halls. It is obvious that those who committed these atrocities under the disguise of a "prank" against another human being felt embolden and undoubtedly empowered to do so without fear of University or legal consequences. With an enrollment of 33,000 students and only 3% African-American, what student support services does SJSU have in place to assure students facing racial intolerance can seek out assistance? Now is a good time for SJSU to conduct inward reflection and assess how to grow from this incident. Will there be a time in our history when acceptance and tolerance becomes the norm? It's our hope that institutions of higher learning such as SJSU play a major role in dismantling intolerance and unacceptable racist acts at all levels in the university.

However, as we begin to strive toward this perfect existence, the conversation and work must begin now to prepare a safe and welcoming environment for the next African American student male or female with high expectations moving into a SJSU residential hall.

Deborah Hill-Alston, Santa Cruz NAACP President and
Executive Committee

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San Jose Independent Police Auditor (IPA) judge LaDoris Cordell should not be lionized, especially for launching a probe into the recent hate crimes against an African American student at San Jose State University.

In 2002, the San Jose Police Department (SJPD) arrested a Section 8 resident living at the Mission Gardens Apartments in Santa Cruz for abusing methamphetamine and felony drug possession. The woman arrested was aggressive towards the arresting officers, yelling at them, arguing with them, and repeatedly called a female SJPD officer "d*ke" and "c*nt". The police report for this incident can be viewed using the link below:

This same woman committed LGBTQ hate crimes against me at the Mission Gardens Apartments spreading rumors that I am a *gay* child molester. Listen to the audio linked to below, noting her asking me if I had any "Hershey Bars" while pointing at her butt. Also note her accomplice say to a nearby parent: "Hide the baby! Hide the baby! He's a pervert!"

After she refused to appear in court for Prop. 36 drug treatment, the Santa Clara Superior Court issued a warrant for her arrest. Although the SJPD listed her correct address at the Mission Gardens Apartments in Santa Cruz, they never passed the warrant to Santa Cruz law enforcement agencies. Consequently this woman avoided arrest for 8 years, waiting out her arrest warrant, until I contacted the Santa Clara County District Attorney asking them to have it enforced.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney's office asked Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Edward Lee to dismiss this outstanding warrant "in the interests of justice". Unwittingly, Judge Lee signed this dismissal as documented below.

This chain of events is described by SJPD Sergeant Fred Mills in response to my FOI request for the arrest warrant and communications between the SJPD and the Santa Cruz Police Department because I suspected involvement by Santa Cruz Planning Commissioner Mari Tustin who manages Mission Gardens — Tustin refused to evict her.

I had asked IPA LaDoris Cordell to investigate the SJPD for not passing the warrant out of the SJPD local warrants database system.

The SJPD Internals Affairs investigator found no police misconduct in this matter. See below.

IPA LaDoris Cordell did nothing. I made repeated pleas for action by her on this matter, to no avail — ex-judge LaDoris Cordell ignored me, allowing this Mission Gardens resident to continue committing LGBTQ hate crimes against me and to continue stalking my sister.

IPA LaDoris Cordell seems to care about African American hate crime victims while ignoring LGBTQ hate crimes as well as ignoring stalking by an aggressive alleged methamphetamine abuser living in Section 8 protected from eviction by a Santa Cruz planning commissioner.

I have presented all this information to set the record straight — IPA LaDoris Cordell must not be allowed to ignore some hate crimes while gaining publicity for investigating others.