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Why Isn't Medical Marijuana Covered Under Obamacare?
by Cris Ericson
Friday Nov 22nd, 2013 8:29 PM
Why isn't medical marijuana covered under the ACA Affordable Care Act?
President Barack Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder,
both of whom are on the wish lists of groups calling for their Impeachment,
have retaliated
by attacking our nation's most vulnerable citizens,
medical marijuana patients.
The news of medical marijuana dispensaries,
operating legally under State law in Colorado,
being aggressively raided by Federal Agents
yesterday, Nov. 21, 2013,
sent shock waves in the news,
and probably raised the blood pressure
to dangerously high levels of
medical marijuana patients.
Stress can kill.

None of the States have provisions in their Obamacare
for medical marijuana, even though many States have
medical marijuana laws in place.

Why Marijuana Dispensaries Won't Be Part of Your Obamacare ...
Aug 15, 2013 ... Insurance giants considering medical marijuana
would be seriously dissuaded
by new Affordable Care Act provisions.

Covered California is California's new health insurance exchange, where
individuals, families and small businesses can find affordable health insurance -
but - it does not cover medical marijuana.

Colorado Health Insurance Exchange is a new marketplace for individuals,
families and small businesses looking to buy health insurance.
But, you can't get a medical marijuana doctor or a medical marijuana
provider under Obamacare or
Colorado Health Insurance Exchange

"Green Mountain Care" is the Vermont version of
"Obamacare" under the ACA Affordable Care Act.
Where is the health insurance plan for medical marijuana patients
under Green Mountain Care?

Why were medical marijuana patients left out of Obamacare,
Affordable Healthcare Act? (ACA)

Where is provision in Vermont’s Green Mountain Care healthcare plans for insurance
for medical marijuana patients?

Wow! Can you imagine how many medical marijuana patients nationwide will want
to move to Vermont if “Green Mountain Care” healthcare insurance plans
protect and provide for medical marijuana patients?

“Green Mountain Care” could become synonymous with “medical marijuana”!

Read below what the federal authorities did in Colorado, a State
where marijuana was legalized. This could happen soon in Vermont.

Isn’t it true that each state which has “medical marijuana”
legalized under State law, should include “medical marijuana”
in their particular “Obamacare” plan?

Feds RAID Denver-area MEDICAL MARIJUANA dispensaries…
By Jeremy P. Meyer and Eric Gorski
The Denver Post
Updated: 11/21/2013 at 05:31:46 PM MST Thursday
… federal authorities
on Thursday raided more than a dozen
Denver metro area MEDICAL MARIJUANA facilities
and two homes. ... In the largest federal raid
on Colorado MEDICAL MARIJUANA businesses
since medical marijuana became legal...