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Reverend Billy charged with rioting at Chase Bank
Friday Nov 22nd, 2013 9:11 AM
Bankers at the utterly corrupt Chase Bank could not see the humor in a 15 minute performance by Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir. The goal of the protest was to challenge fossil fuel investments that will make us all extinct. Billy Talen faces up to a year in prison, sign this petition in defence of free speech, and oppose the criminalization of performance art.

It took some time for a zealous DA to prepare a bill of charges against Billy Talen after this performance:

Sign the petition!

Greg Palast writes:

My Friend, the good Reverend Billy Talen is facing 5 charges for making a song & dance in a Chase bank:

1. Riot in the Second Degree 240.05
2. Menacing in the Third Degree 120.15
3. Unlawful Assembly 240.10
4. Disorderly Conduct 240.20 (i)
5. Disorderly Conduct 240.20 (ii)

He's facing a year's hard time - does this picture look like a "riot" to you?

"What the DA's office describes as a "riot," Reverend Billy and Co. describe as a "15-minute surprise performance" of a song called "We Surround You," which, per their press release, is "dedicated to the threatened animals in the climate change era." The choir performed wearing those toad heads you see above, which are, the choir tells us, meant to be Golden Toads, "a small amphibian forced into extinction by extreme climate change in Central America in the late '80s."

After their musical interlude, Reverend Billy preached a sermon highlighting Chase's investments in "fossil fuel industrial projects." (The Rainforest Action Network writes that, in 2012, Chase financed $2.17 billion in transactions for companies that engage in mountaintop removal or use coal-fired power plants. The Sierra Club has also criticized Chase for the practice.)

The bank didn't much appreciate the performance."


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