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HR 676 Is Single Payer Health Insurance
by Walter Cummings
Thursday Nov 21st, 2013 2:01 PM
When people learn about HR 676 they will fall in love again.
It seems to me that nobody in the news media is talking or writing about HR 676 which is single payer health insurance. HR 676 is a single payer health insurance bill which has not passed either chamber in the U.S. Congress. The talk all seems to be about the affordable care act but poor old HR 676 never gets a seat at the table. Another funny thing about HR 676 is that nobody ever runs a commercial on television or puts an ad in the newspaper about this insurance bill.
With HR 676 there are no insurance companies, co-pays, bills, deductibles, premiums, and nobody is denied the coverage or the care they need because HR 676 is single payer health insurance. To find out how HR 676 is paid for go to the internet site of the group ( Single Payer Action ) and there they have a link to the HR 676 bill. This group (Single Payer Action ) wants to have single payer health insurance here in the USA.