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Tornado hits nuke facility: Operators dodging questions of what was damaged
by Monica Davis (muckracker1 [at]
Tuesday Nov 19th, 2013 5:02 PM
A spokesperson for a nuclear enrichment facility in Kentucky says a tornado hit the plant: people want specifics on what was damaged.
A tornado hit a nuclear facility in Paducah, Kentucky Sunday. That’s right. It hit a nuke facility. According to plant officials, it did not damage.

I am confused. If it “hit” the facility, how could there be no damage? If it “hit” the definition of a hit is some damage. Now, it may have hit a stairwell, crashed a window, or hit a railing, but if it “hit something” by definition there had to be some kind of damage, otherwise there would have been no “hit”.

So, this brings us to the Louisville Courier Journal and writer James Bruggers, who writes:

“That’s the aging nuclear fuel factory that’s in the process of being shut down.

Local news reports out of Paducah quote officials as saying there’s no problem, however.”

WPSD reports:

Plant officials indicated a tornado may have touched down within the plant perimeter causing damage to some of the plant’s facilities. The plant’s Incident Commander requested activation of the EOC to assist in the response to issues that have occurred when the tornado struck. No injuries were reported at the plant, and there has been no off-site impact from damage that occurred at the plant. Operations are remaining stable. MOREHERE

But, go along, folks. There is nothing to see here,.

Now, what kind of facilities were hit?

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by Worker
Wednesday Nov 20th, 2013 8:05 PM
All that was damaged was the exterior of a shutdown building, a cooling tower (see water), and a few Main power lines. The building damage wasn't even structural. Cosmetic at best. There were operators in the control room of the building when it happened and they didn't even know they had been hit by the tornado. That's how large these buildings are. That's what the stink is over. I understand people being afraid of what they do not know. I drove around the plant shortly after the tornado went through. There is zero public hazard. Zero!