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KPFA's All Day on JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary

Friday, November 22, 2013
6:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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Radio Broadcast
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On November 22, 2013, the 50th Anniversary of the CIA's assassination of President Kennedy, KPFA, 94.1 FM, will have a full day of programming to discuss the evidence as to who did it and why, and its meaning for today, with the obvious parallel being to the 9/11 Inside Job. This is a day of programming for all ages, whether you easily remember that terrible day or not. KPFA has been in existence for 64 years, so it should have some extraordinary archives.

Those of us over age 60 all remember exactly where we were when we received the news that Kennedy had been shot. They say that even people with terrible memory loss do not forget that moment. The shock was tremendous, and the decline in this society was even worse, as the war machine escalated its slaughter of the Vietnamese people to steal Vietnam's oil and other resources, and to attempt to invade China. That horrifying war resulted in the death of 3 million Vietnamese, 1 million Cambodians, 58,000 Americans and thousands of other people, as well as terrible chemical devastation of Vietnam, which chemicals to this day are causing serious birth defects.

For those of us who could remember the discussions and read the books, we learned the term "patsy" which the falsely accused shooter, Lee Oswald used to describe himself, which he was. As he said, he never killed anyone on November 22, 1963. He was the CIA-FBI's fall guy. He was also a member of government spy agencies and an agent provocateur.

On September 11, 2001, the US government again used a pretext to escalate the war machine, the 9/11 Inside Job and used an old CIA agent on kidney dialysis, Osama bin Laden, as the pre-arranged fall guy. Bin Laden died in December 2001 of kidney failure and Marfen's syndrome. The US military, under the direction of the US capitalist class, carried out the 9/11 Inside Job as that is what no air defense and controlled demolition mean. Only the US government had the motive, means and opportunity to carry out the 9/11 Inside Job, and the same is true for the assassination of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

Project Censored, heard on Friday mornings at 8 a.m., will spend that Friday afternoon providing special programming. For more on Project Censored, see

The greatest profits are in munitions and oil, and maximization of profit is the primary goal of capitalism, a bankrupt social order.

This is a day long history lesson well worth your time and a very informative trip down memory lane for those of us who do remember, and never forget.
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