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Boycott Protest The Casualties' Santa Cruz Tour Date
Date Thursday November 14
Time 8:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location Details
The Catalyst Club, 1011 Pacific Avenue, Downtown Santa Cruz
Event Type Protest
Lead singer Jorge Herrera of the "street-punk" band The Casualties has been ousted as the perpetrator of multiple instances of sexual assault, particularly against underage women.

(Most notable example is this account:

Most of the bands on tour with them have refused to acknowledge the claims and have engaged in victim shaming dialogue claiming that the survivor is not believable but not providing any reasons why. Attempts to hold Jorge accountable have failed and so far only one band, Wartorn from WI, have dropped from the tour.

Attempts to contact the Catalyst have failed.

Attempts to reason with the bands on tour with the Casualties have failed.

This event is a call out for the local punk scene to collaborate on confronting the problematic culture of abuse prevalent among bands and fans that allow this type of behavior to continue unabated and unchallenged. We are calling for a boycott of this show and for local promoters to deny booking these bands in the future.

Gather in front of the Catalyst tonight to dissuade people from attending a show headlined by an ousted rapist and supported by a legion of rape apologists claiming "radical" politics and "diy" ethic. They are not welcome in our community and neither is any rapist nor those who support them.
Added to the calendar on Thursday Nov 14th, 2013 12:19 AM

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by kwestioning
Thursday Nov 14th, 2013 12:04 PM
I wonder if it is appropriate that accusations in a blog post about a "rape" that happened more
than 16 years ago are enough to attack the endeavor of a band to tour the country.

If there were police reports or even some other accounts that backed up the claim then maybe I can see it. But the calls for bands to drop out and an end to a tour seem extreme in the light of such a thin data source.

I don't contest the story in the blog. My problem is that I've seen lots of this in these so-called
"radical" communities.. It is "rape jacketing" and it can be done to anyone.

Concert tours are profoundly costly and difficult to book. People plan their entire year around them and their personal finances are completely entwined with them. To call for the entire thing to stop for a protest based on a blog post retelling a 16 year old story is not worthy in my humble view.

If there aren't new stories of Jorge's behavior .. not one fresh accusation, then this protest is a terrible travesty and should be called off.
by Puke
Friday Nov 15th, 2013 12:18 PM
No one is victim shaming you dumb fucks, her story is just that a story, She doesn't have anything to gain by telling a Lie right? Except to tarnish a good band's name that many people on the internet do everyday, it's hearsay. Why are you so quick to believe her 16 year old story? It didn't happen to you. Sexual assault and rape are very serious accusations, but we all know the Casualties have been a band that has never stopped working hard, they constantly tour, they put out a new album every year and they have been very successful because of their work ethics, their success has caused many people to Hate them because they are almost reaching the same popularity as bands like the ramones, the clash, and the sex pistols, when you have that much notoriety, there are going to be people talking shit about you, spreading vicious rumors and lies. The casualties stand against abuse of any kind, they have came out and said the allegations are 100% false, so for fuck sake instead of trying to ruin peoples good time by being preachy to punks attending the shows and telling the kids and older punks that go to the show that they are supporting sexual assault and rape and aren't welcome in the punk scene, look in the fucking mirror, you're basing this boycott off of a fucking blog! you most likely don't even know the girl who's making the claims or Jorge, for all we know this could just be slander or a made up story, but the fact that you are telling people that are going to the show that they aren't welcome in the punk community is just fucking bullshit, I highly doubt any of the fans attending the show support this type of behavior, The Casualties fans don't deserve your preachy bullshit, None of us support rape culture or sexual assault and we definitely don't deserve to have total strangers ruining a good punk show that we have paid for and are looking forward to. No one is saying that it's okay to touch underage girls, and Yes it's good to talk about this sort of thing because I'm sure it does happen in the punk scene from time to time and it should be taken serious, but these allegations against Jorge are total bullshit, just another excuse for the people who hate the Casualties to start shit and that isn't very punk if you ask me. Respect people who want to go to the show, don't be such P.C. cunts, Negative Approach and MDC are still playing and I'm sure there are punx that are going just for them anyway, so Let Jorge and the accuser handle this and leave the fucking punk rockers going to the show alone, a lot of us have been waiting for this show for a long time and don't want some internet rumor and total hatred for people you don't like because of their clothes and hair to ruin a potentially good night. Thank you. Peace & Love.
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