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Help to create and sustain new vegans
by Mark Hawthorne
Tuesday Nov 12th, 2013 10:52 AM
Stand with Food Empowerment Project and become a co-producer of Food Chain, a monthly publication focused on supporting new vegans as they transition to a more compassionate life.

Designed to help new vegans, Food Chain is a lifestyle compass for navigating challenges and staying motivated. Too often individuals opt to go vegan, but without the necessary support or direction slip into old habits. Confronted by skeptical friends and family or simply longing for foods that were once a staple in their diet, new vegans can find perseverance in short supply.

Vegan organizations often provide a one-time information overload. Food Empowerment Project’s Food Chain publication is comprised of 12 monthly installations to provide support on a continuing basis. Food Chain provides new vegans with a monthly booster of information, ideas, and encouragement to keep them in the fold. Our goal is to make Food Chain freely available to individuals who are considering veganism, or who’ve recently jumped the tracks to a more healthful and compassionate way of life.

Food Empowerment Project believes that the choice to become (and stay) vegan is far easier if a person has the right information at the right time. As such, each issue of Food Chain builds on the previous one, offering insights into the raising and killing of animals for food, expert advice on staying healthy, delicious recipes, shopping tips, inspiring stories about rescued animals, and much more.

Food Chain will include contributions from:

- Isa Chandra Moskowitz, vegan chef and author of Veganomicon

- VINE Sanctuary

- for the Animals Sanctuary

- The Vegan Zombie

- Jack Norris, RD

- Michael Greger, MD

- United Poultry Concerns

- Animal Place

- Carol J. Adams and Patti Breitman

By linking the reasons that draw most individuals to veganism (animals, the planet, and human health) to verifiable information and helpful tips, Food Chain supports and encourages individuals to stay strong and feel confident each day. It also includes other issues such as farm worker rights and GMO foods.

By surveying recipients before they begin receiving Food Chain, as well as after the final issue, Food Empowerment Project will also be able to understand what’s most effective and improve future issues.

Where you come in:

Whether you’re a new vegan, have friends you’d like to encourage, or just want to show your support for a great vegan organization, your support for the production and distribution of Food Chain will go a long way. So become a co-producer of Food Chain today!

Who is Food Empowerment Project?

We are an all-vegan food justice organization. We believe that you can impact the world by being conscious of the choices you make about your food.

Please visit our website, Facebook, or Twitter to learn more!

Twitter: @FoodisPower