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Pirate's Cove Launches To Avenge Silk Road
by Pirate's Cove
Friday Nov 1st, 2013 7:51 PM
It appears that the forces of tyranny, especially in the USA - will never learn. For every freedom loving information activist they take down, a hundred will spring up. Every time they censor or seize a web site, we will re-build it bigger, better and more secure than before. And so today we announce the launch of the Pirate's Cove.
The Pirate's Cove is far more than a sophisticated crypto-market place where people can freely trade amongst themselves securely. We have also incorporated a chat room, community forum - and for entertainment we have added a casino. Our goal is not just to provide a trading platform, but to foster an entire community.

As with all such web sites, the Pirate's Cove will exist solely within the DarkNet and can therefore only be accessed via TOR. We will put up a ClearNet page containing the Onion address to the Pirate's Cove simply as a sign-post. We expect this ClearNet page will be swiftly taken down by the oppressors, but that's fine we have many such pages scattered about the Internet. As one is taken down we will announce another via our Twitter account. We also encourage anyone to take the rather simple HTML and graphics and post the page everywhere. Likewise we encourage all freedom loving netizens to spread the actual Onion address of the Pirate's Cove everywhere. We will list the Pirate's Cove Onion address in the "Hidden Wiki" and as many TOR and BitCoin forums as we can.

The Pirate's Cove is NOT about drugs that may or may not be illegal in certain countries. EVERYTHING is illegal somewhere. It is a felony to import, sell - or possess Guy Fawkes masks in at least three countries. Does this mean the Pirate's Cove should be shut down if someone sells Guy Fawkes masks on the site? Likewise, there are a number of countries where both drugs as well as the operation of the Pirate's Cove (and similar web sites) are perfectly legal. And it could be that we are based in one of those countries.

The Pirate's Cove is about empowerment. It is about giving people the tools they need via encryption and crypto-currency to trade amongst themselves free from the scrutiny and oversight of tyrannical governments that are hell bent to control every aspect of our lives. The Pirate's Cove team are not capitalists, we are information activists. Since there seems to be little we can do to bring these powerful and tyrannical governments under control, we feel the best strategy is to utilize crypto-technology to render the people un-governable. Like other sites such as WikiLeaks and Pirate Bay, we stand at the front line of the battle to defeat the police/surveillance state and empower the people of the world to be free.

People have an in-alienable right to trade their goods P2P. Humans have the in-alienable right to self-medicate as they see fit free from the monopoly of the pharmaceutical cartels who are the only ones who benefit from prohibition. These "legal" drug cartels make trillions of dollars selling their poison while their lackeys in government lock away millions in the prison industrial complex for simply choosing NOT to use their products. The Pirate's Cove is determined to stand against these evil oppressors. We have studied our predecessors, and we will not be as easy to shut down as Silk Road. And so we invite the world to set sail for the Pirate's Cove, where the only rules are peace and freedom.

The Pirate's Cove Team


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