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Shell to Attempt Arctic Drilling Again in 2014
by Sierra Club
Friday Nov 1st, 2013 7:06 PM
Washington, DC -- Shell Oil announced on October 31 that it is laying the groundwork for plans to possibly drill in the Arctic Ocean next year. The plans follow a disastrous drilling attempt by the company in 2012, including the grounding of its Kulluk drillship, more than $1 million in pollution fines, and the failure of its oil spill containment dome during testing.
In response Dan Ritzman, Sierra Club Alaska Program Director issued the following statement.

"Shell's announcement today that it will resurrect its drilling plans for the Arctic Ocean is certainly no treat for the American public or the Alaska Natives that rely on the Arctic Ocean for their way of life. The company's string of failures has shown that it can't be trusted to drill safely in the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic's harsh and unpredictable conditions not only make an oil spill more likely, but also make its clean up much more difficult, if not impossible.

"Drilling in the Arctic Ocean is risky and dangerous business, both for this pristine area and for our climate. Opening up this wild frontier to drilling could release twice as much carbon pollution as will be saved by the Obama administration's new fuel efficiency standards. If President Obama is serious about fighting climate change this pollution must be kept underground.

"The Arctic is the last place we should be drilling for oil. The Obama administration should cancel the proposed Arctic Ocean lease sales in 2016 and 2017 and start taking advantage of the available clean energy alternatives. What happens in the Arctic affects us all. It's time for the administration to put a stop to short-sighted dirty fuel development, especially on our public lands."

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Drilling oil in the Arctic Ocean is some thing like inevitably polluting to destruction the most weakest organic areas where the cold does not permit abundant variations of the web-of-life. It is much like Bullies picking on and harming the most weak people. This kind of irresponsible assured destruction of the environment should be put into the judicial world law as one of the world's SUPEME WAR CRIMES, in that it theatens us all.

It changes the atmosphere, the waters, and the lands. It threatens the birds natural breeding gounds while it causes and classifies numerous animals towards danger of extinction.

It changes wheather patterns and causes global warming from releases of CO2 as methane gases, which cause the green house effect as it hottens the atmosphere when the sun shines. That is it causes UV rays which causes skin disease.

What is needed instead is to RE-TOOL THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION TO THE RENEWABLES SUCH AS WIND, TIDAL, AND SOLAR POWER. That the solar power from the sunshine transforms to electricity, and that causes light, heat, cold-refridgeration, transportation, and communication.

That transfromed electricity stops the fossil fuel burn-out of oxygen, which the present society does to the point that the oxygen is dissapearing from the atmosphere from fossil fuels burn-out as it is burned out to carbon-dioxide.

We the people cannot live on the CO2 burn-out. All effort should be made to stop the fossil fuel industry before it burns out the 60% remaining Oxygen in the world's atmosphere. Since the inception of the industrial revolution 40% of the world's oxygen has been burned out to CO2.

Climate Change is a neo-liberal way of covering up that the mode of our present planet is called 'fail-safe', and that is because the oxygen is being burned out faster than mother nature can replace it.

Should the present society continue on fossil fuels the remaining 60% of the remnant oxygen will be sped up to its extinguishment, and that mode is called 'NO RETURN MODE'.

Shell should call it a day, and pack up and re-tool to wind, tidal, and solar power which transforms to electricity, and that form of energy called renewables would allow mother nature to return the world's oxygen to a plus de way again.

That would take the whole planets oxygen content to a mode of 'world livability' again.

Workers of the world unite!! End pollution wars, not endless wars for more and more pollution. You yet have a world to win!!