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Today (Halloween): Help us choose "America's Scariest Bankster"!
by Strike Debt Bay Area
Thursday Oct 31st, 2013 9:08 AM
*** Who's the Scariest Bankster?! ***

In honor of Halloween, it's now time to choose America's "Scariest Bankster"! Just go to this webpage (here: ) sometime today (Thursday) and make your choice! Yes, they're all pretty ghoulish, but we can only award the title of "Scariest Bankster" to just one of them, so be sure to cast your vote today, Halloween!
To help you out, below are highlights of some of the crimes of ten of America's worst banksters. Most of the info is from Occucard's "Bankster" series -- check out their "Bankster cards" here:

BEN BERNAKE, Chairman, U.S. Federal Reserve -- Under Bernake, the Fed paid $16 trillion in secret near-zero interest loans to Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and others, so they'd be eligible for bailout funds.

LLOYD BLANKFEIN, Chairman & CEO, Goldman Sachs -- Goldman Sachs marketed $1.2 billion in bad subprime mortgage debt securities while taking out a $2 billion bet that they would implode. Sure enough, investors lost $1 billion.

RICHARD BLUM, CEO, Blum Capital Partners -- Since Blum became Chairman of the University of California Regents, the UC portfolio has invested $53 million in two for-profit-universities in which Blum Capital Partners is the dominant shareholder. Blum is also selling post offices to cronies on the cheap.

JAMES "JAMIE" DIMON, Chairman, President, CEO, JP Morgan Chase -- Stole money from customers of IMF Global, rigged municipal bond markets, aggressively manipulated the silver market, and supervised massive illegal foreclosures, including military families' homes.

TIMOTHY GEITHNER, U.S. Treasury Secretary -- As President of the NY Federal Reserve, Geithner authorized a $182 billion bailout of AIG, with secret billion-dollar "sweetheart deal" transfers of the money going to his friends at Goldman Sachs and other firms.

BRIAN MOYNIHAN, President & CEO, Bank of America -- As Bank of America's General Counsel, Moynihan oversaw the resumption of massive loan frauds by their Countrywide acquisition. As CEO, he accelerated improper foreclosures.

ANGELO MOZILO, Chairman & CEO, Countrywide Financial -- In order to create large volumes of subprime mortgages for securitization, Countrywide encouraged blatant fraud by falsifying loan documents, inflating appraisals, and overstating borrower incomes. Mozilo was later personally fined $67 million by the SEC.

HENRY "HANK" PAULSON, U.S. Treasury Secretary & former CEO of Goldman Sachs -- To help protect Goldman Sachs, Paulson arranged for $29 billion in taxpayer funds to cover the debts of the failing bank Bear Stearns.

JOHN PAULSON, Founder & President, Paulson & Co. -- Paulson had his friends at Goldman Sachs create subprime mortgage securities that were designed to fail. He then made $5.3 billion selling and betting against them.

ROBERT RUBIN, former Treasury Secretary, CitiGroup Senior Counselor, & Goldman Sachs Co-Chair -- Rubin and other Citigroup officers misled shareholders about the bank's exposure to subprime mortgage debt. In 2012, Citigroup paid $590 million to settle a lawsuit with the shareholders.

Credits: and Occupy Bay Area United ( ).

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