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Remembering the victims of USSR repression Oct 29-30
Tuesday Oct 29th, 2013 5:08 PM
The USSR is no more, but scars from repressive regimes remain. 2 days in October remain set aside for healing of the wounds.

From Вре Дробушевиш:

In 1974, an initiative of Kronid Lyubarsky began, October 30 was declared the Day of Remembrance of Political Prisoners in the USSR. The significance of the day lies in the fact that it was set not by the state and is not associated with the wars, nor with the revolutions. October 30 was announced as a day for political prisoners, prisoners of Mordovia and Perm camps - people who fought for freedom and to win this fight. The Supreme Council of Russia, on October 18, 1991, designated the Day of Political Prisoners in the state calendar - the recognition of this victory.
It must be remembered the double significance of the day. This is a day of remembrance for all the innocent victims.
But also this day remembrance of the struggle for human dignity, for intellectual freedom; a day against tyranny and violence.
The day before, on October 29, a "Memorial" for several years is held, the action "Return of the names."
A totalitarian state not just killing people - it sought to strike out their names from history, destroying all memory of them. Return of the names, return defamation that was done of the families and the memory of those killed - a denial of dictatorship, it is our duty and our freedom to move to liberation from the burden of the past, this is our way to fight for human dignity.


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