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White House Occupier again disses demand to stop drone strikes
by DLi
Thursday Oct 24th, 2013 4:22 AM
For the 3rd time in as many weeks, the USA empire was presented with another opportunity to come clean and stop the illegal drone attacks on civilians. But the 2009 Nobel Peace laureate, Barack Obama, remained uncharacteristically silent. All he would do was to offer some trite platitudes about "respecting Pakistan's sovereignty." Not a single word of condolence for those 400+ innocent victims of America's implacable Imperial policies, and absolutely no commitment to end what even Amnesty International termed "war crime."
In front of a worldwide TV audience--first it was Pakistani schoolgirl Malala, then the press conference by AI, finally the meeting with Pakistani President--the nominal "Commander-in-Chief" of the U.S. war machine refused to even acknowledge that America's illegal drone strikes have killed hundreds--perhaps thousands--of innocent lives, including many women, children & grandmothers.

What kind of message did Obama's smiling face of the "banality of Evil" send to the world? Billions of global citizens could see that the White House Occupier was just a paid shill for the Wall Street-Pentagon ruling cabal, who would not and could not lift a finger to stop the genocidal madness of a Failed State that was pathologically committed to an Imperialist policy of "Full Spectrum Dominance" over the entire Planet. That TV picture of an unrepentant war criminal would be an iconic image of an intransigent Empire that is headed straight toward its self-created "Abyss of Evil."