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Ideas to Stop School Violence
by Cris Ericson (crisericson [at]
Wednesday Oct 23rd, 2013 9:31 AM
We have to stop school violence right now,
and like it or not, one way is to use time cards like factory workers, and do NOT allow knapsacks anymore, keep books at school and extend school hours to do all homework at school. What are your ideas?
Suggestions for Schools to Stop Violence.

O.K., this won't stop all violence, but it will slow people down,
and get them to think a moment before acting out.

Make all students and teachers use a TIME CARD like
FACTORY WORKERS. Every door in the school building
that leads outside of the building needs a TIME CARD
machine and video camera, and a beeper so that no one
can go in or out without the beep sounding.

Every gym door that goes outside must also have a TIME CARD
machine, video surveillance and beeper if someone fails
to use their time card.

No more knapsacks. No more lockers. Have the gym wash
and launder gym shorts and t-shirts clean enough to re-use
like towels in a hotel or motel. No one brings their own
gym clothes. No one brings a lunch - school lunches
should be provided. No one brings books - extend the
school day two more hours and have students do all of
their homework at school with all sounds off of computers
and cell phones, etc.

This is just a suggestion.
There is no reason for students to do homework at home,
it cuts into their family time, chores for family, and
hurts family commitments.

There is no reason to bring books to school. Books should
be there and kept there. If the school has a two hour quiet
time with no sound, no volume on computers, no headphones,
no cell phones, then students should be able to get their
assigned homework done in 2 hours. Otherwise, they are
being assigned too much from too many teachers.

If the school has mandatory gym time for everyone during
the day before homework time, then the kids will be healthy.

There is simply no reason for any child to walk into any
school carrying anything. Eliminate the knapsack,
do the homework at school, launder and clean the gym
clothes shared by everyone, like towels at a resort hotel,
and every child can enter the school empty handed.

End the violence.

No more lockers, no more knapsacks, enter the school
empty handed.

What are your ideas?
by me
Wednesday Oct 23rd, 2013 10:03 AM
Sounds a lot like a Nuke Plant set-up. As soon as anyone enters any area they are not authorized to be in, a rapid response SWAT team could be alerted and a intercom could warn the perp "Stay where you are. A security team will arrive momentarily." On an endless loop until deactivated. Then the S Team can "pull tape," i.e. look at all the video of the suspect turning the wrong corner, or opening the wrong door, or being somewhere at a time no authorized.

It could also be used in jails, or just about anywhere in your community. SOMA would still be cheaper through.