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NSA demonstrates prowess in France, instructions included
by David Roknich
Monday Oct 21st, 2013 11:36 AM
NSA trashy art, stamped NOFORM, well, the French now have it. Merci, Edward. Partial translation features the network scan of wanadoo and alcatel. This section is about a manual that explains how to scan target addresses, the original source for most of today's NSA-related news stories.
(10-21-13) NSA trashy header follows with list of IP adresses including a few from wanadoo.fr and a sizable list from alcatel-lucent.com, which are blacked out. NOFORM, well, the French now have it. Merci, Edward. Partial translation features the scan of wanadoo and alcatel. This section is about a manual that explains how to scan target addresses: ......(snip)
"...the manual trains the analyst to use more than Prism program for research . She should also use a program named "Upstream", which allows interception of submarine cables and Internet infrastructures. A list of 35 examples selected address demonstrates the importance of this expanded research, and we discover that the NSA has focused closely from 1 to 31 January 2013 , on everything that is related at wanadoo.fr and alcatel- lucent.com .
Wanadoo is a former subsidiary of France Telecom , which launched its business Internet provider in 1995 and whose activities were incorporated in 2006 under the Orange brand . One-third of Orange customers , or 4.5 million people, still use the email address wanadoo.fr"
. (snip)
The original excerpt: ....(snip)

L'une des fiches du manuel indique à l'analyste qu'il ne doit pas utiliser le seul programme Prism pour ses recherches. Il doit aussi puiser ses informations à une autre source connue sous le nom d'Upstream, qui permet d'intercepter les communications qui transitent par les câbles sous-marins et les infrastructures d'Internet. Au détour d'une liste de 35 exemples d'adresses choisies pour montrer l'intérêt de cette recherche élargie, on découvre ainsi que la NSA s'est intéressée de très près, du 1er au 31 janvier 2013, à tout ce qui est lié à wanadoo.fr et alcatel-lucent.com.
Wanadoo est une ancienne filiale de France Télécom qui a lancé son activité de fournisseur d'accès à Internet en 1995 et dont les activités ont été intégrées, en 2006, sous la marque Orange. Un tiers des clients d'Orange, soit 4,5 millions de personnes, utilise encore aujourd'hui l'adresse mail wanadoo.fr. (snip)

The whole article and attached document:
This was previously suspected back in 1992, shortly after the cold war "ended" and we were at a loss for targets. Economic espionage was then seen as a real trend for the CIA, though NSA was not mentioned (in any reports I saw), but the archives would be interesting especially from 1994-5.

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