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Victory To BART/AC Transit Workers And Jail BART Bosses And Managers For Murder In Tra
by United Public Workers For Action
Sunday Oct 20th, 2013 7:36 AM
BART managers and bosses have murdered two of their scabs and should be arrested and jailed. Oakland port workers are joining the fight and all transit workers and others must take action to bust these union busters
Victory To BART And AC Transit Workers And Jail BART Bosses And Managers For Murder of Scabs In Track Deaths
Unite All Working People & Labor To Bust The Union Busters
Stop The Attack On Transit/Public Workers And Our Communities

The BART managers and their hired $400,000 professional union buster Thomas P. Hock from Veolia Transportation company have provoked the second strike by BART workers from ATU 1555, SEIU 1021 and AFSCME 3993.
BART managers and executives have now murdered two of their scabs this weekend by their criminal negligence in running the trains. Workers and the people need to demand that these bosses and executives be criminal prosecuted and jailed for murder for the deaths of these workers. Also this BART board of directors have bloody hands and they are criminally negligent or allowing the running of trains with scabs despite being warned by workers that this was a deadly danger.
The AC ATU 192 workers are also faced with major concession demands by their managers and Board of Directors supported by the Bay Area Business Council which BART bosses are part of. This is also the program of the MTA
which is controlled by bay area politicians. They are demanding that the workers pay for the cost of transit instead of the banks and high tech corporations that are booming. They are also funding a statewide anti-labor pension bill to attack all public workers benefits.

This attack on transit workers and their unions is not just about these workers but connected to the attack on all public workers and the communities who face increased fares and reduction of services while the number of billionaires grow. Tens of thousands of other workers from UC AFSCME, CWA-UPTE and UAW and CCSF college AFT 2121 teachers and students face similar attacks.
For transit workers this is not just about a fight for basic union rights but whether the plan to bust these unions through attacks on wages benefits but worker seniority and health and safety rights. They want to eliminate the 8 hour day and take away seniority rights on the job. This is a threat to all workers who will face similar attacks if BART bosses are successful. Concession regressive bargaining and so called "interest bargaining" is no solution to this fight and supports the idea of "sharing the pain".
This struggle is also not just about BART workers but a fight to defend the AC ATU 192 workers who are faced with many of the same concession demands. These managers and their bosses want workers to pay for new buses and capital while there is no transit tax on the corporations who benefit from BART and AC transit.
The BART managers are planning to spend $21 million to provide free busses, run a corporate anti-worker campaign and to defeat the BART.
We need to make the developers, corporations and billionaires pay for free quality safe mass transit systems.
The cost shifting that has been going on by the corporations
to force workers to pay more healthcare and pension costs is instituting austerity and real cuts on living conditions for all working people while the billionaires get wealthier.
The Democratic party labor supported governor Brown is helping the bosses and managers at BART and AC Transit by imposing 60 day cooling off periods and seeking to attack the pension of transit and all public workers while giving tax subsidies to the corporations who run this state and country. Workers need their own independent political party that will stand up for working people, youth, immigrants and the poor. We need a living wage, healthcare and education for all working people including the massive number of unemployed workers in the bay area. This will unite all working people.
The only way to win to really win this fight is to rally in action all transit workers who face similar attacks along with all workers and the communities that are being attacked by these same forces. The vote of the Oakland port truckers to shutdown the Port of Oakland on Monday is an important step of solidarity action.
AC ATU 192 workers who are without a contract must join the strike and direct solidarity action by all other transit unions in Northern California. The ILWU, IBT Teamsters which also represents Veolia workers in the bay area and other transport workers must join together now to defeat this assault.
Join The Picket Lines, Get Your Union To Support The Strike and build a mass strike movement.
We need to shut the Bay Area Down and Beat Back This Union Busting Attack

United Public Workers For Action
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