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Santa Cruz "Hostility" worker account
by Tania
Tuesday Oct 8th, 2013 11:19 AM
Santa Cruz "Hostility" worker account from Oct 6, 2013 during a street demonstration on Pacific Avenue. Includes a link to a 41 sec youtube video documenting the encounter.
On Sunday Oct 6, 2013 I witnessed a city worker in a "hospitality" role threatening a friend. We were peacefully demonstrating the new Santa Cruz city ordinances aimed at clearing street vendors, musicians, and homeless from Pacific Avenue. I tried to get the "Hospitality" host's name but was verbally assaulted instead. I then tried getting her name from a supervisor, who also refused to comply. It seems to me that people employed by the city (especially) in a "hospitality" role should:
1. be hospitable
2. be accountable for their behavior

Refusing to give their identity is unacceptable. How am I to now have recourse for the assault?
At least I have the video.

But should all citizens carry video cameras around to protect themselves? It angers me to think that my tax dollars pay for this woman's salary. I have indirectly paid for this woman's harassment, yet have no recourse.

How would a police officer be reprimanded in this situation? If the hospitality workers went through the same training as a police officer, I question if this woman would have been able to complete the courses as it seems one would need more discipline. In any case, I believe it is clear this employee is in the wrong role.

My transcript of the video:

Worker: ... (unintelligible) get in my face and try to record me (unintelligible) record all this. Make sure you got this (down on?) tape. You are fucking with the wrong person, I'll tell you that right now.
(turns and walks away)
Male - someone else: I didn't catch all that
(Becky and I running to catch up to worker)
Me: Now hold on, hold up!
Becky: Is that what you said? You said you were fucking with the wrong person?
Me: I didn't get your name! What is your name? Excuse me!
Worker: (unintelligible) get (out???) (slaps at me)
Becky: You think I have something against you? You approached me ma'am. I didn't approach you. You approached me.
(walks away)
Becky: You should quit lady. You're in the wrong profession.
§Ms Tzao's video
by video here Tuesday Oct 8th, 2013 2:17 PM
Copy the following to embed the movie into another web page:
download video:

santacruzhostility__oct062013.mp4 (2.3MB)

"I've had it with you fucking people!"