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Expose The TPP
by Bill Carpenter (wcarpentx [at]
Sunday Oct 6th, 2013 10:44 AM
Bay Area activists urge Nancy Pelosi to oppose the Trans-Pacific trade agreement. The October 1st rally compared the TPP to 'NAFTA on steroids.'

Michael Sullivan leads the group in "Expose The TPP."
Two-minute QT movie. 18MB.

Part 1: This is Pt. 1.
Part 2: Members of the group explain 'Fast Track' and other techniques used to jam these trade agreements through Congress
§Expose the TPP!
by Bill Carpenter Sunday Oct 6th, 2013 10:44 AM
§Lori Wallach on Democracy Now!
by Bill Carpenter Sunday Oct 6th, 2013 10:44 AM
Lori Wallach was interviewed on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now on October 4, 2013:

As the federal government shutdown continues, Secretary of State John Kerry heads to Asia for secret talks on a sweeping new trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP is often referred to by critics as "NAFTA on steroids," and would establish a free trade zone that would stretch from Vietnam to Chile, encompassing 800 million people — about a third of world trade and nearly 40 percent of the global economy. While the text of the treaty has been largely negotiated behind closed doors and, until June, kept secret from Congress, more than 600 corporate advisers reportedly have access to the measure, including employees of Halliburton and Monsanto. "This is not mainly about trade," says Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. "It is a corporate Trojan horse. The agreement has 29 chapters, and only five of them have to do with trade. The other 24 chapters either handcuff our domestic governments, limiting food safety, environmental standards, financial regulation, energy and climate policy, or establishing new powers for corporations."

Get the audio or video here:
§TPP Rally in SF in 2010
by Bill Carpenter Sunday Oct 6th, 2013 10:44 AM
In 2010 the TPP met in San Francisco and was greeted then with opposition, too. This is a preview of video of the opposition rally.

The url for the first part of that rally:

The second part:
§Expose the TPP
by Sally Weed Wednesday Oct 9th, 2013 9:22 PM
Our freedoms absconded. Stop fast-tracking of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the power grab by BIG MONEY and corporate power hogs.

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by Seazttle to Brussels Network
Tuesday Oct 8th, 2013 6:10 AM
The proposed EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP/TAFTA) and its socio-economic and environmental consequences

to read and/or download the 32pp report from the Seattle to Brussels Network October 2013, visit
Big heist of wealth to the top are happening and organized labor is facilitating this power shift against the workers. End pollution wars of aggression. Ye yet have a world to win!!