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The Israel Lobby Cowbird
by IRmep (info [at]
Friday Oct 4th, 2013 3:54 PM
How is the Israel lobby like a swarm of cowbirds? Cowbirds use the devious strategy of brood parasitism, arriving at the nest of more parentally-oriented birds to lay their own eggs. Cowbirds then enjoy unburdened freedom to forage and thrive while their own young are raised, fed and protected by unsuspecting parents. If an avian host dares remove the cowbird's offspring, the host's own eggs--if not the entire nest--will likely be destroyed by the watchful cowbird. This coercive relationship is eerily similar to how Israel lobbying organizations flit about Washington, hatching operatives into the U.S. federal government to pursue a solitary goal--advancing the interests of a foreign state without the obligation of registering foreign agents or working through properly credentialed diplomats as rest of the flock of nations must.

The sordid and occasionally illegal tactics used by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to intimidate Congress are well-documented.  But what precisely has all of AIPAC's past nest-destruction bought?  Back when AIPAC got serious about launching economic warfare against Iran, it lobbied the Bush administration to create a new unit in the U.S. Treasury Department.  Into this nest it laid Stuart Levey.  Levey's only observable qualification was an extreme commitment to Israel under the wing of ultra-Zionist Marty Peretz.  Leadership of this Iran economic warfare unit is now a captured roost exclusively for Israel lobby hatchlings.  Levey's former law partner David Cohen simply flitted in when Levey departed the nest.

So too the lobby has tumbled out credible and experienced career diplomats and placed former AIPAC research director and AIPAC think tank founder Martin Indyk in charge of the on-going ruse known as the "Israel-Palestine peace process."  Long on the payroll of Israeli-American media mogul and political operative Haim Saban, watchers have recently observed Indyk preening with his patron before winging off to the latest round of "peace negotiations." 

Perhaps the most secretive and dangerous Israel lobby cowbird policy egg was hatched in the National Security Agency in 2009 during the very months the Obama administration quietly dismissed espionage charges against AIPAC staff.  According to whistleblower Edward Snowden, the wholesale transfer of raw NSA intercepts on American citizens to Israel has been ongoing since that time.  The transfer is "authorized" by official doctrine that "the survival of the state of Israel is a paramount goal of US Middle East policy."  This prime directive was secret because it is a blank check obligating American blood and treasure to a cause U.S. citizens never approved via any referendum or advise and consent process.  As in so many issues concerning Israel--from the U.S. criminal activities and cover-ups that enabled its clandestine nuclear program to funding for illegal occupation activities--the Israel lobby cowbird diligently rolled the eggs of U.S. interest right out of their federal nests.

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by Mike Novack
Saturday Oct 5th, 2013 11:51 AM
What you should perhaps be saying is that some American citizens don't give a damn about YOUR particular interests. But that's probably true of a majority of Americans. They neither know about nor care about YOUR particular personal interests as they pursue their own in disregard of how that might affect YOU.

Not so dramatic when put that way, is it?

Care to present your case why the American Jews should care about YOUR interests instead of their own? Isn't the concept of our system that we all pursue our own interests, trade for mutual support, etc. Or do you have some problem with the American Jews being citizens just like everybody esle and just as much entitled to pursue whatever they believe THEIR interests to be.
...must register as foreign agents with the Justice Department and make clear their funding flows and propaganda activities

AIPAC only exists in its present form because its parent, the AZC, was ordered to register. Six weeks later, AIPAC split off an incorporated.

Americans resent AIPAC because it has accumulated undue influence through illegal means.
Before playing the tired old conflation game of Israel = Jews and Israel lobby = American Jews, you should read the latest polls revealing they don't much care for the state or the lobbying organizations. See:

Our interests are rule of law, due process, advise and consent, and open governance. The Israel lobby has a record undermining all of that. See:

The level of criminality, whether its weapons smuggling, election fraud, espionage, both economic and national defense, is VERY dramatic. It is important that captured segments of the government be redeemed so that this huge challenge to America can be rectified.
by IRmep
Saturday Oct 5th, 2013 6:44 PM
It's the illegal activity that empowers the Israel lobby to subvert American interests that is in question. Why should any American fund a government that continually fails to enforce FARA, the Espionage Act, election law, theft of government property, and others just because the lobby slings a lot of campaign cash at politicians?

AIPAC spies, fixes elections, illegally coordinates donations, takes proprietary classified commercial data from U.S. companies, and nobody does anything about it. (Well, some people complain when it's noticed.)

AIPAC operatives fixed an election to elect Alan Cranston. Please explain why any American should feel the taxpayer goody bag he passed (and we still fund) to Israel was in any way legitimate. Explain that, and the cowbird is free to fly.