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do UC hypocrisy?
by wexit
Wednesday Sep 25th, 2013 11:43 AM
UC Berkeley International Human Rights Law Clinic is celebrating 15 years "promoting justice at home and abroad while training attorneys in a rapidly changing legal world," sharing Boalt Hall facilities with U.S. Torture Program architect John Yoo. How many alumni does it take to sanction the continued employment of a war criminal at their alma mater?
War criminals are a nasty lot. Dodging accountability for their actions and public reprobation, they often find employment in the military/industrial complex. But American academic institutions share complicity in protection of these social pariah, accommodating them with positions of respectability. Universities face resistance to these appointments from students and parents, alumni and a few faculty members disparage, and communities at large attempt to legislate remedy. It is our responsibility to call out criminals and enablers alike.

A university that allows a war criminal to teach constitutional law and ethics courses to the next generation of lawyers and judges under prejudice of "academic freedom" is protecting war crimes. We say NO to the moral relativism that accommodates torture.

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