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Free to be Hungry by Paul Krugman
by Paul Krugman
Wednesday Sep 25th, 2013 3:49 AM
Paul Krugman is a winner of a Nobel Prize for Economics.
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Here's a comment from Ron Zaudke in Prescott, Wi.

The reactionary right has been using and abusing the poor since Reagan and his utterly malicious "welfare queen" sham/story. This demonization of those in poverty served to divert attention away from the economic destruction of the middle class taking place as ever more wealth and income were transferred into the hands of the wealthy. This forty year propaganda blitz has served to camoflage, and distract attention from, the greatest upward redistribution of wealth in the nation's history. Combined, of course, with the simultaneous portrayal of the wealthy as helpless victims- like the Tea Party Republican congressman/corporate farmer with three million in federal ag benefits.

It is pathetic that so many Americans continue to be duped by this scape-goating of the poor, while those who abuse them further enrich themselves.