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Stop the Keystone Pipeline National Protest Against Global Climate Change
Date Saturday September 21
Time 12:00 PM - 12:00 PM
Location Details
Heron's Head Park Jennings Ave between Evans St and Cargo Way
From T Line on Third St.
Event Type Protest
San Francisco Is On The Line -Help Us Draw the Line

Saturday, September 21, 12:00 PM HERON'S HEAD PARK- Off the T Line- Cargo or Evans stops. San Francisco, CA CA 94117 Join us THIS SATURDAY, 9/21/13, at Heron's Head Park on the San Francisco waterfront, with Green Action for Health and Environmental Justice, and 350 San Francisco/350 Bay Area to call attention to how SEA LEVEL RISE due to Climate Change will impact SF's local neighborhoods and to say no to the KXL Pipeline.

For the sake of communities like the Bayview/Hunterspoint, projects like the Keystone XL pipeline cannot be allowed to go through because of the dramatic increase in CO2 emissions. Large tracts of Bayview Hunters Point and Treasure island are at sea level and are also situated on or next to toxic and radioactively contaminated sites.

These neighborhoods could be subject not only to flooding but also to the "perfect storm" of combined interactions of sea level rise, earthquake liquefaction and soil contamination. This will be a fun, get to know your community event bringing residents and environmental organizations together to draw the line against climate change and environmental racism, for air we can breathe, water we can drink, and healthy communities.

Bike, muni or carpool to join us. Bring your own signs and 6.5 feet tall poles to mark the high water line, if we continue on our current green house gas emission trend. STOP CLIMATE CHANGE! SEA RISE + TOXIC SITES = DESTROYED NEIGHBORHOODS NO KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE!
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by Union Jack
Friday Sep 20th, 2013 1:21 PM
At the inception of the first Industrial Revolution to the present time, the oxygen has been burned out by 40%. If the Alberta Tarsands Project proceeds it will inevitably speed up the process of Oxygen burn-out of the remaining 60% of atmosphere Oxygen.

This means that with the present society the speed of Oxygen burn-out to carbon-dioxide, which we cannot live on, has placed the entire Planet and its livability in a 'Fail-Safe' mode, because the Oxygen is not being replaced in sufficient volume at sufficient speed to keep the Oxygen content to a positive replentishment.

That is to say the World's Oxygen is being burned out and replaced with carbon-dioxide-- CO2, which the Pittsburgh Greenpeace, and the EPA says must not exceed parts per million of atomosphere. It is now at 400 parts per million and climbing fast.

This process of turning oxygen into burn out carbon-dioxide was to be ended by the late eighties of the last century. In other words it is late and the environmental destruction from 'climate change' can only get worse as time goes on in the present society.

Floods, fires, typhoons, hurricanes, food and meat pollutin-destruction are increasing in strenght as the CO2 takes over the atmosphere producing 'Green House' heating of the air around us.

This mode of disapearing O2 content makes a Planet -wide new mode of existence globally: the Fail-safe Mode. Should the XL tar sands project contine in Canada, China, Japan, and the U.S.A., it is so huge that it could shift the mode of the world's atmosphere from fail-safe to the final mode of 'No Return'.

After all the scientists have been warning us for a very long time that this occurance is taking place (PM-Harper has been firing them for their truthful discoveries expecially in the delicate Artic region). This process is also being exposed the students and the class-concious organized working classes, and all honest individuals that can plainly see beforee our eyes each day the naturally occuring deterioration of the environment in which our communities live.

That is also true of the plants, (disapearing species). animals (disease and sickness increasing), and the peoples of the world.

The biggest state of destruction is within the 'Imperialist Camp' whose war machine of Aggression is motivated by coal, gas, oil and atomic energy---the fossil fuels.

The possible solution is to Re-tool the Entire Industrial Revolution to the non-pollution sollution such as wind, tidal, and solar power which transforms to electricity and is more power than all fossil fuels.

This is because tidal, wind, and solar power has a track record of co-existing with the Oxygen and not burning it out in such speed and volume as coal, gas, oil and atomic energy, the waste for which is not containable, and radiation is spilling from all five hundred nuclear-fission power plants globally.

The latter fuel is destruction to the enivironment for millions and some times bilions of year and universally has a track record of devastation thoughout the universe. Such that the ancients called it the Devils work.

That nuclear power is not clean as the energy companies lie to the world's people, because it is destroying the planets ecological organic balances web-of-life.

Please pay heed to this movement to stop the Alberta Tar Sand Project. Failure to do so will result inevitably in more failure of our atomosphere and the air, land, and water to sustain our life from year to year.

Do not be fooled by the companies propaganda, and do move the movement to the renewables such as wind, tidal, and solar power---the new coherence for the new millenium.

Workers of the world unite!! End polllution wars, not endless wars for more and more pollution. You yet have a world to win!!