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KPFA/Pacifica: YTD Financial Summary
by Tracy Rosenberg
Friday Sep 13th, 2013 8:11 PM
Just to make this easy for people to find: I know people feel like it's hard to find this stuff on KPFA or Pacifica's websites.

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It's a year-to-date summary (just one page) for the period 9-30-2012 to 7-31-2013. Our local station KPFA has an operating deficit of ($110,000) for the year so far, which is not great, but smaller than it was for the period 2009-2010. The Pacifica Foundation as a whole is in rocky shape with none of the five stations posting a surplus. KPFA is in the 3rd position of the 5 stations. Shared network expenses were not paid by the two East Coast stations, WBAI (which posted a 500K deficit for the 10th straight year, helped along mightily by Hurricane Sandy and the flooding of the studio and office) and recently laid off 75% of their workforce to try to stem the long bleed, and WPFW in DC, which has been having trouble meeting its revenue targets.

The need to pay some expenses for those 2 stations to keep them going while not receiving their contributions for the shared network expenses, has caused a big financial strain for the national organization.

It's to be hoped the East Coast stations will start to stabilize soon and the West Coast stations will move from their deficit positions to posting positive results and building back cash reserves of 2-3 months of operating expenses. Neither has that now, so the deficits are worrisome.

Just posted for transparency purposes.

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by Pacifica fan
Friday Sep 13th, 2013 9:31 PM
It's nice to learn about the economic status of the five stations that make up the Pacifica Radio Network.
by savekpfa
Sunday Sep 15th, 2013 11:52 PM
What did the 2.6 million+ in Administrative Expenses buy?
by Tracy Rosenberg
Tuesday Sep 17th, 2013 5:46 PM
Telephone 262,917.69
Telephone-Radio Lines 52,803.07
CEO Telephone 722.75
Internet/Cable Connection 35,106.11
Postage 24,925.38
Postage-Messenger 10,653.56
Association and Periodicals 12,953.11
Consultants 436,354.37
Consultant-Engineering-Operations 10,400.00
Professional Service - Legal 220,702.72
Insurance Expenses 203,461.88
Accounting 75.00
Audit Expenses 77,975.58
Professional Fees- Accounting 1837.50
Interest & Penalty Fee 0.00
Bank Charges 67,396.05
Conferences/ Training 12,453.05
Meeting Expenses 178.71
Travel 17,939.62
Local Travel 12,352.56
National Board Expenses 34,044.82
Local Board Expenses 3,629.91
Folio 578.00
Election Expenses 48,452.51
Office Expenses 217,117.96
Printing 592.38
Rent Expense 319,435.28
Tax Expenses 14,321.82
Penalties & Fees 678.01
Rent and Lease of Equipment 91,648.33
Storage Rental 29,641.53
Utilities 76,801.99
Maintenance-Non-technical 103,476.80
Depreciation Expense 178,539.25
Other Administrative 11,913.16
Moving Expenses 10,084.46
Search Cost 1,997.00
Property Taxes 14,195.07
Computer Maintenance 39,220,27
CAC Training Expenses 1,695.02
Other Expenses 72,145.63