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Video: “Decolonization is not a tendency!” 2013 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair Panel
by Bay Area Intifada (bayareaintifada [at]
Friday Sep 6th, 2013 9:50 PM
At this year’s Seattle Anarchist Book Fair, people from Egypt, Oakland, Seattle and LA–some of them having returned from Mexico and Pakistan with fresh ideas to share; others coming with grafted knowledge from growing up in the gentrification/displacement shuffle–spoke on a panel named “Decolonization is not a tendency.”. The conversations came thick with no sugar
The panel touched on urban Zapatismo, gentrification (this time from someone who has actually experienced gentrification), poetry, the Egyptian uprising, on being a displaced person, and how to check one’s own white privilege. There’s a lot to say on all of these things, and the panel was only the beginning of a conversation raw enough to meet the longstanding vaccum within numerous activist circles–let alone the rest of our communities. So we’ve broken the footage down into two parts. A filmed night of performances by revolutionary hip hop artists will be coming soon. Thanks to Tom Vee for spending so much time rendering and uploading the footage and please forgive BAI’s amateur–at times wobbly–video skills.

Watch video here -

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by Marco
Sunday Sep 8th, 2013 12:28 AM
It's sad that a group of former Occupy Oakland activists have left to become believers in a deeply anti women rights religion that believes that women are inferior to women . That the only legitimate role of women in society is to raise her kids and never, NEVER contradict, question or disobey her lord and master . her all powerful Husband !
Regarding it's anti imperialist pretensions How does the Bay area Intifada explain that during the last few decades Islamists have acted as US proxies in the never ending war against the secular left in the Middle east and elsewhere.?
1953 Iran
1960's Egypt where the Muslim BrotherHood worked with the CIA against Nasser's anti imperialist Nationalist govt/
1980 -1990 when the US backed the what later became the Tailiban against the Soviet backed Afghan Govt (in the process murdering many women school teachers for the ''crime '' of teaching rural peasant women how to read and write !
2013 the Us plans to go to war in Syria even though Al Quada allied groups would mainly benefit
Many more examples can be found .

This secular socialist critique of Islam has nothing whatsoever in common with those western bigots who hate Islamists just because they're ''aren't American ''. No to any one that believes and practices the Oppression of women whether they are Preachers, Priests, Rabbis or Mullahs