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Are you READY to OCCUPY????
Date Wednesday September 04
Time 8:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Location Details
SF Federal Building, Nancy Pelosi's Office;
1 Post Street, SF, Dianne Feinstein's Office;
70 Washington St, Oakland, Barbara Boxer's Office
Event Type Critical Mass
Organizer/Authorxan joi
Emailjoiyssey60 [at]
We have the best opportunity we've had in ages to PREVENT WAR! Obama is going to Congress for authorization to attack Syria ... so WE get to go to Congress to demand they vote NO WAR ON SYRIA!

Bring your cell phone, banners, signs to the offices of Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer.

Let's set up a phon-a-thon on the street, getting passersby to call immediately.

And let's go up to her office to find out if she's voting NO STRIKE ON SYRIA.

Let's go up to her office and OCCUPY until she promises to tell Obama NO STRIKE ON SYRIA!

Not in the Bay Area? No problem! Go to your own Congressperson's and Senators offices & hold your own phon-a-thon and meeting with your representative!

We need to re-start Occupy and occupy senate and congressional offices until we have their pledge to vote NO AUTHORIZATION to attack Syria!
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We've already been down this lane before with Iraq and the military got its war anyway even when we came out n the millions. It wasn't worth all the long hours of marching, smashing and being arrested everywhere. Maybe if there was a real revolution to shut down america for good we'd make some progress. I think we'll get about as much done protesting as we did during the Iraq conflict which was absolutely nothing. We got no justice for all the struggle and effort we put forth. Why try now if protest as a tactic didn't work the first time?

If protesting makes you feel better about it go right ahead but don't kid yourself into thinking you have any influence because we've been there before and don't expect this time. Nothing short of a revolution is going to stop the military just like nothing short of a revolution is going to stop WALL STREET/CAPITALISM or the POLICE STATE which is pretty much what the system is mainly designed for anywho.