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by forall
Monday Aug 26th, 2013 11:15 AM
you have my permission to contact kpfa crew you trust to tell them that mix race person in palo alto is constantly constantly constantly being followed ,ticketed, harassed yelled at by palo alto cops. had altercation at whole foods market and were arrested. a black worker threatened this mix race person with calling the police on them. seems like a lot of black americans are scared and cast fears on the outcast mixed person to look good for the white man. i am also one of the main contacts for phoenix lights ufo's. they come to me a lot. have miguel gavilan or someone call whole foods to tell them to drop charges. or BOPYCOTT WHOLE FOODS. if charges not dropped i will organize a noationwide BOYCOTT OF WHOLE FOODScannot have black peope and white power structure dumpimg their fears on mixed people.its no accident that mr.austin is a mixed person and is speaking out on state racism. blcks and whites dont start cop watching took a mixed person to do it. mixed people are sometimes,most of the time for me, a dumping ground for americn fears. mr. austin proves that mixed people know more about race than most. tell ms. veronica faisant that there are indeed ufo's and i have contact. i am nixed ,and experiencing police threats, tell miguel gavilan that, chicano black white and even filipino are in on the harassment of me, a mixed race ufo contactee. my mom who is dead,was jewish ,and i am being punished for her ''mistake'' of having mix child in 1950's. i come from same milieu as musician john santos, but i have no rights in my own country.i also have incurable health problems and cannot deal with this constant police stops ,ticketing jailing.they dont lijke mixed people cause you might resemble a tsarnev type.unbelieveable!