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Cruzio Works Bans Homeless Customer: Protest and Informational Picket

Friday, August 09, 2013
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Event Type:
Robert Norse
309 Cedar PMB #14B Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Location Details:
In front of Cruzio Works HQ in Downtown Santa Cruz at Church and Cedar Streets

The following is Dan Madison's account of discrimination and contract breach at Cruzio Works.

Dan describes himself as a computer graphics designer with a 19-year old son. Both have disabilities and are homeless.

On Monday August 5, Dan Mattison reports he and his son Gryphon paid around $300 for a Cruzio sign-up and a Cruzio Works 24-hour workspace. He advised them that he was homeless and was told there would be no problem.

As Dan made financial arrangements, Gryphon watched the bikes, which also held their possessions, as they were temporarily parked in the storage area in the back of the Cruzio building.

At some point a woman who later turned out to be someone who worked in the building but not for Cruzio, demanded to know what they were doing there. Dan, went out to speak with her. He explained they were paying customers who had rented a 24-hour space but would be moving the bikes to a city bike storage locker (which he did shortly thereafter).

The woman said she'd already called the police and was concerned with "homeless junkies" being attracted to the area and that she had some issues with their being there at all. But her fears were apparently allayed by the fact that Dan was a paying patron of the business.

However later when Dan returned to get his key, a Cruzio employee (who refused to give her name or her superior's name) told Dan that his membership was being revoked because of the woman's apprehensions which she had read in an e-mail. She would not specify what particular behavior was of concern.

This is Dan's account.

He came to a HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) meeting the next day and told us his story. We joined him in going to Cruzio to ask their side of the story.
I was present for this meeting and an audio was made.

Another woman and an escort again refused to give any specific reason why his membership had been terminated (though she said they would allow him a daytime membership on a "trial basis"). She did mention that they had a "community" there whose "safety" and "comfort" was of primary concern. She would not give any policy or act that suggested there was any violation of a rule that justified either calling the police or terminating his 24-hour membership.

HUFF members conferred outside and decided it sounded like anti-homeless discrimination. We will be setting up Cafe HUFF--an informational table with coffee to seek further information and to inform the community of what appears to be a rather sinister kind of backroom bigotry which is impacting a work-seeking homeless person, who has paid his bill.

We will be demanding that Cruzio Works restore Dan's contract, issue a non-discrimination pledge, and further survey folks about their experiences with Cruzio Works.

Some HUFF members are pressing for a boycott of Cruzio Works (though not necessarily of Cruzio, the internet service).

The recorded interchange between Dan and the Cruzio rep on 8-7 is difficult to hear but somewhat illuminating in that Cruzio refuses to specify what rule was broken, what the complaint by a third party was, and what the "incident" consisted of.


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by RazerRay
I've noted that even their direct-to-server (non-tos-walled) connection has the OpenDNS netnanny monitoring your browsing habits. At least it monitors Louden Nelson's connection

SubRosa internet users should surely note that as the last I knew Cruzio's servers were in use.


OpenDNS blocks this non-pornographic non-badword spoof site showing 'christian' girls how to keep 'boys from hocking lugies on their godly cervixes' and other ideas for keeping from getting 'boy cooties' (Becky should note that).

If you get there, there's a analogous site for boys "Sex Is For Fags", linked from there.

Also quite humorous in a quite innocent way, and also blocked by OpenDNS

If blocked, you'll find you have no recourse... The 'report error' form errors out and contacting the mothership, OpenDNS, on their page, gets a rather cold and Un-responsive result.

by Daniel Madison (posted by Norse)
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 09:49:28 -0700
Subject: Discrimination at Cruzioworks
From: dannydsml [at]
To: bkkeep [at]
CC: office [at]; support [at]; peggy [at]; rnorse3 [at]

To Whom it may concern.

My son and I paid for a 24/7 account at Cruzioworks and then a few hours later after Cruzio received my payment I was told they were canceling the account over some vague incident involving someone "feeling" uncomfortable with us being there. The actions taken by the staff at Cruzioworks is wrong, demeaning and discriminatory. We did nothing to deserve this treatment and demand that Cruzio allow us to keep our 24/7 accounts with an apology and written assurance Cruzio won't discriminate against the homeless and others again.

If this is unacceptable to Cruzio, please give a detailed account of why my 24/7 service was terminated so that I may continue taking legal action of unlawful termination, breech of contract and discrimination.

Daniel Madison
This article, referenced by Democracy Now! today ( see "Snowden's E-Mail Provider Mysteriously Shuts Down") by crusading journalist Glenn Greenwald has me wondering just what the status of users is, and what their arrangement is with government agencies.

I have not formally asked them, but think it is a question that needs to be pursued. I encourage Cruzio subscribes to contact Cruzio by phone or e-mail to ask the questions. This would be acting both locally and globally.

Greenwald writes in today's Guardian:

Email service used by Snowden shuts itself down, warns against using US-based companies
Last I heard, no reasons given for contract termination.

Any reasons yet?

also, did anyone find out why the police were called but never showed up?
by Robert Norse
HUFF under the leadership of "Beggarbacker" Becky Johnson set up a small table on the sidewalk in front of the CruzioWorks entrance at Cedar and Church Streets about 1 PM as scheduled. The homeless father and son smeared as some kind of "security risk" were there. So were several thermoses of coffee and condiments for thirsty passersby.

Dan wielded a "Don't Discriminate" sign and gave out flyers to folks coming and going from the "Sentinel Cafe" in the Cruzio building. Gryphon sat across the street minding the two possession-laden bicycles and bike cart-as he'd done three days before on the same Tuesday they were barred because he was "loitering".

A friendly Cruzio employee explained to me that the other tenants of the building were "on edge" because of an earlier break-in, perhaps explaining the pathology of the service denial. I was reminded of the broader atmosphere of hysteria created by Santa Cruz Neighbors, the Sentinel, the SCPD, and, of course, The Clean Team and Take Back Santa Cruz that has ramped up harassment of innocent homeless people in Santa Cruz generally.

"Dead On" David Silva sat with a placard outlining the contradictory and hypocritical contrast between CruzioWork's claim of non-discrimination and its illegal cancellation of a the 24/7 contract with Dan Madison a few hours after he signed it.

Officer Azua double-parked his car half a block away and strode up to insist we "not block the sidewalk". An older woman, upset by what Cruzio was doing, pursued the officer back to his car, trying to educate him on the issue. Azua, ever oblivious, suggested she 'take a homeless person into your home."

Passersby in cars did lots of rubbernecking, almost all surprisingly positive with thumbs up and Victory finger signals as well as broad smiles and nods. The one negative shout suggested "close down the homeless bum center" (perhaps referring to the Homeless (Lack of) Services Center.

One crying woman happened by, noting she was dying from cancer and recently barred from Starbucks a block away (perhaps our next target) because of a backpack. Several other travelers reported police harassment and hostility. Other housed locals expressed outrage. Even some other First Alarm Security thugs chatted informally with Dan and David, perhaps taking time off from surveilling "suspicious" homeless locals at the library.

I'll be playing her account and other sound bytes from the tabling Sunday August 11th at 10AM on the stream of Free Radio Santa Cruz at (also reachable through and archived at (about an hour and a half into the audio file).

No CruzioWorks customer were clearly convinced at the door to turn back by cries of "Bigotry Big Time Downtown!" and other loud announcements made by protesters. A dozen or so signed the two petitions.

All in all the protest was a positive first step towards informing the community about CruzioWorks untenable and bigoted position. A Santa Cruz Weekly reporter spoke with Dan and several others at some length.

There was brief mention of the secondary question of whether Cruzio is secretly cooperating with the feds and the NSA in turning over our e-mail to the Obama snoops. An answer there is yet to be forthcoming. If you care who's reading your e-mail, give Cruzio a call at 831-459-6301.

While you're at it, ask if their subsection CruzioWorks, is still discriminating against homeless and disabled folks. And just how they feel about that.
FRSC stream.

right next to ksco and a couple others.

I think positive education and dialogue can help a lot in this particular (bizarre) but understandable situation. (understandable because the city of SC is cracked out on campaigns to stir up fear anger paranoia suspicion and prejudice right now).
by RazerRay
NOTHING they do is informal. They're intelligence officers.

Their job IS to chat with you and glean information when they aren't doing their other 'dissuasion from congregation' job.

Ps. Why isn't anyone calling the city on the cohousing development going on behind Cruzio? It's been touted as co-housing for middle class families, as if any family in that economic bracket would want to live somewhere with a communal kitchen and living area.

The project IS undoubtedly intended to house cubie dwellers, and I'M SURE Cruzio is already advertising on the East Coast:

"Got a contract in the SF Bay area? Rent workspace at Cruzio by the Monterey Bay... Fast internet connection... housing footsteps away from where you work".

Off-topic but corollary... I've also noted the city has figured out what to do about the 'affordable housing' no one could afford at the old Ice Plant location on Chestnut street when the students aren't using them as dormitories. They're being rented and leased as summer rentals.

Same for the not-so-luxury condos behind the town clock.

Isn't there some zoning regulation about taking lease/rental contract units and turning them into into weekly rentals?
by Robert Norse
OSC passed a resolution of support for Dan and Gryphon Madison, demanding that CruzioWorks reinstate his 24 hour contract and give guarantees that no other homeless person will be so shabbily treated (i.e. a non-discrimination policy). The group also voted to support a picket of CruzioWorks at their Cedar and Church St. office next Friday during "Free Friday" starting at 1 PM.

Included is one of the two petitions HUFF circulated on Friday. Folks are encouraged to duplicate and circulate as well as show up for the Free Friday Pickett.

Also if anyone received a reply to an e-mail asking the CruzioWorks management "what gives?", please post or forward to rnorse3 [at]
by Robert Norse
Download and circulate!
Shorter Petition

We Oppose Discrimination at CruzioWorks

We, the undersigned, urge CruzioWorks to restore the 24/7 Service workspace for Daniel Madison and persuade the community this kind of anti-homeless discrimination will not happen again. I will contact CruzioWorks at 831-459-6301 or to advise them of my concerns and encourage compliance.

Longer Petition

Fair Service for Homeless Clients at CruzioWorks

We, the undersigned, urge CruzioWorks to:

1. Restore the 24/7 Service which Daniel Madison contracted & paid for on August 6, 2013
2. Compensate him for any costs he may have incurred during the period of this discriminatory and illegal cutoff.
3. Establish a transparent and speedy appeal process that will allow anyone faced with termination of services to know and face their accuser and their accusations.
4. Ensure that accusations of misconduct against homeless persons receive close and skeptical scrutiny in a time of widespread discrimination, hysteria, and damaging rumors
5. Assure the community in a public statement that it will pursue a non-discriminatory policy towards homeless clients—and back that up with the reforms as itemized.
6. Retrain its staff so that individuals facing such problems in the future will not be treated as lepers, pariahs, or public safety hazards (and also accurately told who is taking action and who to complain to—as was denied Daniel Madison).
7. Apologize publicly and in writing to Daniel Madison and his son for the mistreatment he received.

I will contact CruzioWorks at 831-459-6301 or to advise them of my concerns and encourage compliance.

by Robert Norse
Download and distribute.
by Solid(a)rity
Did OSC attempt to contact Cruzio founder Chris Neklason before passing the resolution?

He was very active with OSC.

Photos he took are still on OSC's website.

In the beginning of OSC, a link to was at the top of the main Cruzio webpage.

It would be kind of sad to see OSC splinter this way.

by Solid(a)rity
I don't know if Robert Norse and Becky Johnson were the best picks to negotiate with Cruzio.

They have a proven record of protesting businesses, but I don't know if they have ever gotten any results from actions like this.

Labor unions say a picket is the last thing they want, they always try to extensively negotiate for a positive outcome first.

I see a need for this approach in this situation.

It sounds as if Norse may be juggling too many roles here....his role as a journalist may have had him persue the story first, and justice second.

He protested, but as far as mediation goes, I don't know if he did that with Cruzio's management.
by A casual observer
Here's one of the problems I have here. The whole thing is so rag-tag. From the petition itself (which looks like it was typed on an old typewriter and photocopied) to the Robert/Becky in your face leadership here.

If you want to get results and have people take you seriously, you need to use technology to your advantage. There's far too many free options to have to settle for this. You could easily set up an online petition for free that would accomplish better results and require a fraction of the effort. Then use social media to send people to the petition.

What do you think the general public's perception will be about this? Rag-tag. Sorry if that offends anyone, but I feel it's best to be honest here.

At least Brent realizes this with his Sanctuary Camp idea and has come to embrace technology to get his message out.

I'm not against protesting Cruzio about what they did. But this will just get laughed off as usual.
by Brent Adams
This is a very unacceptable situation that Dan Madison has experienced.

I wonder if picketing is the best first step here.
Have you considered visiting Cruzio to facilitate a mediated conversation about what happened, what went wrong and how to
fix the situation and create understanding?

This "picket" will only make "wrong" a company of longstanding in the community. I assert that nothing good will come of this
picket for the general needs of homeless people and the community in general. A protest like this would be a consideration following
the failed attempts at finding a workable understanding of what happened and ensure access to Mr. Madison and all others.

I encourage HUFF faciltate a conversation with Cruzio to get to the bottom of what happened and to see if understanding
can be created before an attack on this business happens. I'd hate to see another homeless person be used by Robert Norse and HUFF
to attack a local business, the community at large and all hopes of grassroots activism around homeless issues.

Brent Adams
by brentugly
Robert has yet again posted a private email to indybay.

He has done that with my own emails and now he has posted Dan Madison's here in this thread.

I encourage Indybay editors to limit this type of thing.
by Robert Norse
I encourage any supporters of a discrimination-free CruzioWorks to contact the owners and use their mediation skills.

The facts and the issue seem to be quite clear.

Any new information is always welcome, of course.

See you on Friday. Bring a picket sign.
by Robert Norse
I also suggest Cruzio clients might give a call to Cruzio heads after listening to today's Democracy Now piece .

Some say that Cruzio can't be candid about any possible back-door access government agencies have to e-mail or perhaps with the bigger server, if Cruzio uses one. My response is that Cruzio should put out an e-mail inquiry to its customers as to whether they'd like to see them either continue in business in the (highly hyothetical, of course!) situation that there was such a backdoor or arrangement. As Lavabit did.

In any case, Cruzio has a responsibility to its customers to clarify just how exposed they are. If that has to be done by indirect means, so be it.

I realize this is a separate (and broader) issue. But I believe it is a pressing one, as well.

I speak for myself here and for no organization.
by Glenn
I can't believe that after thirty years, homeless advocates in Santa Cruz haven't come up with better spokespeople than Robert Norse and Becky Johnson.

This thing is going to be as productive as all the rest of their protests. Sheesh.
by G
They are, generally, 'first responders'.

They are not, in my opinion, in it for the win. They are, generally, in it for the action.

But this shouldn't be about them, nor an excuse to blame victims.

It is about discrimination. Discrimination by the 'hipwashed'. The discrimination is against a demographic that is popular to abuse. Perhaps that is why the 'first responders' are raising public awareness better than anyone else, at the moment.

It will be interesting to see how Chris spins it.

Off topic; recently I asked Chris why sleep was a crime, no response. I suppose an answer would get in the way of his rubbing tweets with the 'edgy' people.
by Isn't in it for the win?
Really? So they don't care if they win or lose, only that they got some "action"?
by RazerRay
[Encrypt and email this pic to all your friends. The NSA will store it 'for perpetuity']

RN said: "Cruzio has a responsibility to its customers to clarify just how exposed they are."

They have a responsibility under US law to SAY NOTHING about ANY involvement complying with FISA court orders. They can't even tell you they can't tell you...

Don't you think it's more important that the housing development being built behind CruzIo is targeted specifically for the needs of CruzIo cubie contract workers from elsewhere but is being built under an OBVIOUSLY FRAUDULENT claim of "Co-Housing for middle class FAMILIES"?

This is depriving local workers, and the poor (because co-housing doesn't require any low/affordable-income housing built) of housing for them... People who actually live here, including potentially, the 'homeless'.
Ps: It's pitiful watching Robert trying to "work" the "Homeless people with computers" niche.
by Steve Schnaar (posted by Norse)

> On Aug 9, 2013, at 10:20 AM, Steve Schnaar wrote:
>> Name: Steve Schnaar
>> Email address: steve [at]
>> Message to office [at]
>> Dear Cruzio,
>> I am a long-time customer, for many years through my work at the Hub For Sustainable Living, including the Bike Church and People Power, and recently my wife and I signed up for your Velocity service at home too.
>> I have generally been impressed by your business and glad to have a local provider to choose from. I am concerned however about a story I heard the other day. A homeless man who I met claims he paid for a service at your facility, but was later denied that service without any wrongdoing on his part, based on a prejudice or fear of homeless people.
>> I was not there to know what happened, but I certainly hope you are not discriminating against people based on lack of housing, or any other reason. If people are acting inappropriately or illegally, by all means deal with it, but otherwise it is unconscionable to harass and/or deny service to people outside of
>> your preferred social class/group/ethnicity/etc.
>> I urge you to either reinstate this man's service, or provide a public explanation as to what he did to justify explusion from your space.
>> Thanks Steve Schnaar


Quoting Office :

> Hi Steve,
> Cruzio Internet does not discriminate against any group or individual, for any reason, nor do we tolerate discrimination from any of our employees. It is our commitment to serve all individuals in our community who are eligible for our services and abide by our terms of use.
> Our Cruzioworks coworking center is open to the whole community, but for the safety and security of our staff and members we reserve the right to refuse or limit access at any time. We respond only to actions and do not make judgments based on categories.
> Cruzioworks has had members who are homeless, and some of our staff have been homeless. But as a membership-based community, our members need to feel secure, comfortable and safe in the space, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We'll often insist that a new member spend a certain amount of time as a 9-5 user, before we give 24/7 keycard access to the facility. This provides a good way for new members to access the space, while reassuring existing members.
> For the last 25 years Cruzio has served the Santa Cruz community and supported many diverse local organizations -- including Community Bridges, the Homeless Garden Project and 2nd Harvest Food Bank --with free or discounted services, donations and active involvement.

> We stand by our track record as an ethical, non-discriminatory company, with a long history of community involvement.
> Thanks,
> James
> Cruzio
> Try Cruzio's new Ticket Center! For fast support, open a help ticket any
> time
> The Internet Store 831-459-6301 or 800-303-3302
> 877 Cedar St Suite #150, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> office [at] helpdesk [at]
> Hours: 10-6 M-F, 10-2 Sat Hours: 9-6 M-F, 10-2 Sat


----- Forwarded message from steve [at] -----
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 16:41:20 -0700
From: steve [at]
Reply-To: steve [at]
Subject: Re: Message from Cruzio's contact form
To: Office

Thanks James for the thoughtful and detailed response.

However I'm still left wondering what's up with the guy who says he was denied service last week? Do you know the incident I'm talking about? If so please honor my request to provide an explanation beyond generalities like, "we reserve the right to refuse access...".

Thanks again,


by Dan (dannydsml [at]
My response to these:

""Have you considered visiting Cruzio to facilitate a mediated conversation about what happened, what went wrong and how to fix the situation and create understanding?""

We did a walk in and tried to find out just what was it I did wrong. No answers other than "Our community needs to be safe." implying that I'm a threat or homeless people are a threat.

""This "picket" will only make "wrong" a company of longstanding in the community.""

I don't think a picket will change anything at Cruzio myself but we need to start bringing these issue into the open. Keeping quiet is exactly why this happens. First it's okay to tell people they can't stay if they got food or coffee or other services, then it's denial of services in the first place. After that it's a cascade of harassment and dehumanization. History proves this happens and it's not like all that long ago. Can you imagine not being able to walk in a grocery store, book store or even use public bathrooms just because you're part of a class of "undesirables"? Cruzio can do whatever they want, it's their right but then again if Cruzio is so progressive and liberal than they might rethink this and do the right thing and support people trying to find a way out of homeless where society isn't coming up with any.
by Solid(a)rity
Robert, thanks for the info about what happened to Dan and his son.

Dan, I hope you get justice, and if you feel that you should protest, I would never discourage you from doing that.

I actually think you protesting without HUFF and OSC might appear more credible, but if you want or need them as backup I totally understand.

I just can't see how "music, poetry, and sweets" outside of Cruzio (as referenced in the flyer) is going to do anything for your cause at this early stage.

For me to protest this, or to respect a community protest of this, I would need more time and I would have to see more mediation attempted.

I also think that when HUFF and OSC jump into a picket so quickly it seems rash, and divisive to the community.

This seems formulaic, and like an unsuccessful pattern from HUFF that favors quick and simplistic publicity over hard work in an effort to achieve results.
by Solid(a)rity
I don't feel that a picket of Cruzio at this stage will bring these issues out into the open.

I feel like pickets that are undertaken too quickly cause the community to shut down and not listen, and also prevents communication with the offending party.
by A casual observer
The facts of this case as stated and I've come to understand them is that one person was denied service, for whatever reason.

If you try to turn that single incident into a broad generalization of Cruzio's policies, you will fail. In the public's eyes. And in the eyes of the law.

I'm not trying to make light of what happened. It sucks. But if you want to make broad based, unfounded accusations against Cruzio, tread lightly. They have the right to legally protect their reputation, and I have no doubt they will. They have money and influence. As a private business, they have the right to refuse service to anyone. If they did this to multiple people, or a group of people, that's different. If they do it to one person, that's their right. It's called "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone". We've all the signs. If you want to build a case against them, build a case against them. Have more homeless people try to sign up. See if they too get denied. Now you have a case.

Trying to portray them as "anti homeless" because of a single person being denied service is wrong. And as others have stated, they seem to be a good local business who have supported homeless issues in the past.

Feel free to burn that bridge, but it won't be rebuilt.
by Robert Norse
While the suggestions of anonymous posters like "Casual Observer" and "Solid(a)city" are not without merit and their cautionary comments worth considering, I'd hope that such folks are on their phones calling 831-459-6301 or e-mailing office [at] to express their concerns about this specific case.

HUFF is concerned about this because we see it as part of a broader pattern around town which is obvious to anyone who's been watching, and particularly those who have been experiencing it.

That the "liberal" CruzioWorks seems to have fallen prey to this miasma of deepening fear and prejudice is the issue. And the broader issue is, who is next if the community does not speak out. The failure of the Cruzio management to give any acceptable explanation for its behavior is unfortunately telling.

Cruzio's defenders and those advising activists on tactics can certainly help by opening up their laptops and picking up their phones.

If you learn anything new, let us know.

by Strong Personality
This: "The failure of the Cruzio management to give any acceptable explanation for its behavior is unfortunately telling."

To: "The failure of the Cruzio management to give any acceptable explanation when confronted by investigative journalist Robert Norse is understandable because he was in attack mode."

Next time keep your roles straight, Robert.

We want to read more about this issue and others like it, but when a mediator is needed, don't think your presence in the room when Dan was asking for answers was helpful or sufficient.
by A casual observer
"HUFF is concerned about this because we see it as part of a broader pattern around town which is obvious to anyone who's been watching, and particularly those who have been experiencing it. That the "liberal" CruzioWorks seems to have fallen prey to this miasma of deepening fear and prejudice is the issue. And the broader issue is, who is next if the community does not speak out."

So in your own words, this protest isn't about Dan's case anymore (at least as far as HUFF is concerned). Now you've turned Dan's problem and issue into a much broader agenda that HUFF has concerns about. Now you seem to be using Dan as a pawn to further your own agenda. Is that really fair to Dan?

Personally, if I was Dan, the first person I would have contacted about this would have been a lawyer, not Robert. Even Steve Pleich, who is a lawyer and a pretty level headed and pragmatic guy, would have been a better option here. Steve would have probably taken on your cause pro-bono, and you'd probably end up with a better outcome through mediation then you are likely to receive from Robert's advocacy.

Just sayin.
by Observer
To Dan and 'Casual Observer',
They didn't 'refuse service', they accepted the contract, then summarily cancelled it. That is technically breach of contract. Unfortunately for Dan, the best he could hope for would be a judge's order for specific performance by Cruzio. This would happen only after weeks/months/years, however long this type of small claims issues take to work their way through the system. At that point the issue would be moot. More likely, the judge would simply require a refund of all payments (which apparently have already been returned. As CO said, it sucks, but that's how it is.
by A casual observer
If the "contract" had a cancellation clause, then Dan (and HUFF) doesn't have a case. The fact the business refunded money strongly suggests such a clause was in place. Dan?
the different treatment of Dan vs other patrons.

If ALL new cruzioworks members have to go through a probationary period before being allowed 24/7 access that's one thing.

But there was a trigger here that caused Cruzio to cancel the contract.

What was it?
by In this case with this reporter
I support Cruzio's right not to answer to Robert's demands for information. He is preceded by his history and his agenda, and both of those have been repeatedly shown to outweigh objectivity in his subsequent reporting of facts. The fact is that he more often reports facts as he interprets them.

-Implying that Cruzio has "fallen prey to this miasma of deepening fear and prejudice" is conjure.

-Saying that that is "the issue" is opinion, not fact.

-Suggesting that their unwillingness to kowtow to his demands for information when he has no role in this issue other than biased gadfly is what I would consider to be the actual telling point, and I see nothing unfortunate about that.

The simple truth is that Robert is more agent provocateur than he is journalist at this point in time, and most people are aware of that and respond accordingly. Latest case in point being Cruzio ignoring his demands. I support their right to do that.
by Zouzou
I could care less about the personal politics and obvious dislike between you all. This thread is yet another example why astroturf and law and order groups have taken over this town and it's bound to get worse....

The point still is that Cruzioworks apparently still offers some people 24/7 access and others limited access and this seems to be based on appearance alone.

You can have all the options and clauses in your service contract you want, but if you hold yourself open to business to the public (public accommodations) then you have to be careful of who you deny access to.

CruzioWorks still keeps repeating community and safety concerns but there is nothing evidenced that other potential clients are required to go through probationary periods or that CruzioWorks runs investigative criminal history checks (for instance) for other users prior to contractual agreements.

by Robert Norse
Those who've had experiences with or have information about CruzioWorks policies regarding homeless clients, please post at . Or get in touch with me at rnorse3 [at] We had quite a lively HUFF meeting today and interest in the Friday picket is picking up.

If Cruzio or any non-anonymous person actually has more specific information about the why CruzioWorks managers broke their contract with Dan Madison, please let us know. To my knowledge, Cruzio has made no claims about any specific negative behaviors by Dan--other than responding inaporpriately to the paranoid apprehensions of someone who's apparently a homeless-aphobic tenant. I'm surprised the Cruzio management would tolerate, much less support, that kind of stereotyping and bigotry. But then, these are dark times when it's quite fashionable to blame, exclude, and criminalize homeless people.
by Dan
There is a clause that states Cruzio has to give 30 days notice when changing account plans without consent. Of course I wasn't given the 30 days notice.
by A HUFF Supporter
Thanks for this action Robert!!!

Was it successful? Was Daniel reinstated at Cruzio? I hope so!
by James Weller (jweller [at]
I interviewed Dan Madison today at length. I did not know him before, but I feel now that I know him quite well. In my estimation he is an open, honest, discerning, and good-willed person. I am an excellent judge of character, and I am confident in my appraisal of Dan. I consider him a new friend.

I am also a person experienced in factual investigation and analysis, and I have what has been called a judicial temperament. I questioned Dan closely concerning his experience with CruzioWorks, from beginning to end. I am convinced he told me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Dan and his adult son jointly made a "24/7" service contract with CruzioWorks, made full payment in advance for the first month's service, and proceeded immediately to begin using the CruzioWorks facility.

On that first day, about four hours later, I believe that someone in some position of management authority at CruzioWorks (whose identity has not been discovered) responded to a baseless, unwarranted complaint made by a woman who works in the building, who probably is a tenant of another office leased to her by Cruzio, that Dan's, or his son Gryphon's, appearance made her "feel uncomfortable."

The response was to summarily terminate Dan's service contract, without cause, and without recourse. The management decision to eighty-six Dan, and Gryphon, was communicated to Dan by a subordinate. This employee ordered Dan to leave the premises immediately. No senior management employee of Cruzio, and particularly not the one directly responsible for this action, has ever communicated directly with Dan, though the same subordinate, on the following morning, offered Dan a different, 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. service contract, an offer Dan rejected because it did not meet his needs.

There is no provision in the contract providing for such an action under these circumstances. Cruzio clearly breached its contract, in a prejudicial and wrongful manner. The complainant's identity also has not been discovered, though Dan showed me a photograph of her. I don't know her. I will recognize her if I happen to see her.

Dan has told me, and I believe, that neither Dan nor Gryphon committed any offense or infraction whatsoever, and that they have suffered an indignity and an injustice. I believe CruzioWorks has no valid excuse, and that its management has chosen to deny and obfuscate its wrongdoing, rather than to admit its error in judgment and to make appropriate amends.

Perhaps if a non-confrontational mediation led by someone else had been attempted, with a more conciliatory attitude, some amelioration of the situation might have been achieved. Unfortunately, I imagine that Cruzio management's position will by now have been hardened, so that it will be difficult to "climb down" without losing face.

Furthermore, Dan told me he has no heart, or stomach, for occupying space at CruzioWorks now, even if he were to be allowed to return. So I'm afraid no redeeming outcome is possible any longer, at least not one that would restore the trust Cruzio has violated.

Let this be a cautionary tale, one showing how corrupting a climate of fear and loathing can be, how innocent and vulnerable so-called "homeless" people are easily, and shamefully, profiled and targeted for abuse by ordinary, average, otherwise respectable people.

May God have mercy on us all.
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