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Peace and Freedom Party abandons child care
by indigent mom
Saturday Jun 29th, 2013 12:39 PM
The officers of the lily white Peace and Freedom Party have just decided to abandon the 46 year tradition of providing child care at its state meetings
Having decided to not provide child care for any of its members at the upcoming State Central Committee meeting of the Peace & Freedom Party scheduled for Sacramento, the Peace and Freedom Party officers today decided not only to not provide child care but to not mention this fact in the upcoming meeting notifications. Once again this reactionary position came out of the party's organizations and cliques in Contra Costa and Alameda counties.
by Jan B. Tucker
(pi [at] Saturday Jun 29th, 2013 5:39 PM
At the advent of the socialist-feminist takeover of Peace & Freedom Party (PFP) in 1974--which was opposed by then Party Chair C.T. Weber who headed the "Unity Caucus" against the Feminist-Socialist Caucus and the Libertarian Caucus--and which was not participated in by most of the party's current leadership, we adopted a strict rule that every adult attending any PFP meeting had to draw lots and take 15 minute turns performing child care.

Since the current cabal running the party have run most normal people of child bearing age out of activism I guess that their thinking now is why make the party family-friendly, because after all, they don't have children or even grand-children who would want to show up. Of course if their grandchildren did show up at PFP meetings these days, they'd ask some question like "Grandma, Grandpa! I didn't know that you knew the people from Alice in Wonderland!" because the discussions that take place are of that order of mondo bizarro.
Waking life pfp style.
I believe(d) that I was a peace and freedom party officer (co-chair of the peace and freedom party of florida) , at least I had a dream that I was one. In the dream I helped start the pfp florida in aug of 2012, It was such a realistic dream. I must still be dreaming because when I go to I can see my name on the nearly 50 year old party's web site. My dreams have internet connections in them. My daughter, Tayler had the same dream also. She said that in her dream we stayed up late, drank coffee, called and e-mailed strangers till all hours until we had enough electors to meet the state requirement then scanned,emailed,deciphered,re sized,rotated,reformatted,etc. how bizarre I thought, the same dream . In my dream I became a member of the noc and participated in several of their scheduled calls, plus I talked on the phone allot with Roseanne and sometimes Cindy and facebooked,tweeted (Roseanne taught me how to figure out twitter) ,emailed, private messaged, texted and downloaded my days into what I though was a worthwhile cause. barr/sheehan 2012. yay! The dream was so vivid !! I remember my daughter and I leading the nation wide effort to secure "write in " status in nearly 30 states for the Campaign!!

But then It happened......I woke up to find out that it was just a dream and learned that the Peace and freedom party is in trouble!!
After reading "indigent mom's" notice about the officers of the lily white Peace and Freedom Party deciding to abandon providing child care I thought that without child care who would supervise the children that are running the lily white Peace and Freedom Party?

A regime change is in order to assure survival

As always please call if you want to chat 863 968 6672 paul

please forward :-)
if the 12:39 6/29 timestamp on the article that begins this thread is accurate, then it was posted 20+ minutes before the end of the meeting at which the discussion it misreports took place, possibly before the discussion itself ended. did the non-mother who proposed putting a notice that childcare would not be provided write this article before he proposed it, while the mothers concerned about how to actually provide decent childcare were still discussing whether it could be possible at the upcoming State Central Committee meeting? judging by the timestamp on the preview of this comment, the timestamps are roughly accurate.
by Dolores Ramirez Marconi
(doloresmarconi [at] Sunday Oct 27th, 2013 3:54 PM

I remember, as early as 1974, and as a student, a nursing mother, and a Peace and Freedom Party delegate at the State Central Committee from Cotati, that no one wanted to be on the childcare committee, especially women who, like myself, left babies at home with daddy or care-takers.

As nature would have it, after the invigorating and often hilarious first State Committee Hearing where "Ageism" was called by the beautiful fourteen-year-old special delegate, Lisa Glass, I retired to one of our raucous hotel rooms at a Motel 6 where my mom-breasts were fast filling with milk and the breast pump only created more milk! Well, the pain became excruciating and though there was a swarm of male volunteers ready to prove to be a better breast pump than my plastic device, I had to hightail it back to the real thing, my baby at home. Great memories though!