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Book Review: Deep Web For Journalists
by John Thielking
Tuesday Jun 25th, 2013 8:47 PM
The e-book Deep Web For Journalists is reviewed along with some pointers on how to anonymize some of your web searches for free.
6-20-2013 Update from
From the Santa Clara County Green Party e-mail chat list:

This e-mail will likely result in this author being tagged as a dissident by the powers that be and maybe even result in his home Internet connection being wiretapped directly instead of the NSA simply scooping up all of his meta data through that secret room at AT&T in SF. So be it.

This author was reluctant to respond to another Green Party member's call to comment on the NSA spying scandals and the Edward Snowden controversies and so on until after he had read Alan Pearce's e-book called The Deep Web For Journalists. This book gives a thumbnail sketch of how journalists (and other savory and not so savory types) can evade detection in their quest for anonymous online searches and secure communications. As alluded to above, this author is not so sure that the techniques in this book would not be vulnerable to being compromised if the FBI or other alphabet soup org were to wiretap your home Internet connection directly instead of relying on the world wide dragnet of everyone's information. Still, if you want to give the middle finger to the powers that be, including at least finding search engines other than Google that don't keep endless logs of your search activities, then this is the book for you. You can download a PDF version after going through the PayPal portal at Good luck and God Speed.


John Thielking

PS: An example of one of the recommended search engines is That page says it is powered by Google, but if you hover your mouse over the Google logo you find out that your Google search is done anonymously through this portal. Nice! Additionally, if you do a search and then click on the "View By IxQuick Proxy" your visit to the web site that you searched for is also completely anonymous. Everything from your computer at home to the startpage web site is encrypted (that's what https:// does). This author was going to ask someone how to set up an https:// connection for the entire web site so that people could surf anonymously while on the site, but that may not be needed. If you want to surf this site anonymously, just go to the web site and search for and then click on "View By IxQuick Proxy" and from that point forward you can surf completely anonymously! Yay! *%&%%&& the NSA! There is one slight technical glitch with this search page. It doesn't return exactly the same results as typing in your search to Google directly. For instance, searching for " Under The Sea" does not return a result for the review of Under The Sea on, but does return the various archived home pages that have Under The Sea listed as one of the movies reviewed. Oh well. Nothing is perfect.
§Bad News
by John Thielking Wednesday Jun 26th, 2013 9:37 PM
It now appears that the NSA will soon have the computing power to break standard encryption of encrypted messages and https:// connections, according to an article on the World Socialist Web Site located here: . So I guess the only remedy for this is a picket sign, not a soon to be grossly out of date book on the Deep Web.