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Boycott SF Gay Pride
by Truth or Consequences
Monday Jun 17th, 2013 10:12 PM
It's Time to Stand Up By Not Showing Up
Boycott SF Gay Pride

Every year the same thing: party, party, party. Have fun, indulge, get drunk, meet people, have sex, listen to music, watch the parade. The same old thing over and over again just like the superbowl and all of the other American “Mega” events sponsored by corporate America.

How about some change? How about actually having some kind of principles instead of just a life of pleasure? How about boycotting San Francisco’s Gay Pride?

Some people can and will. But others like those who cling to their accounts in the corrupt Bank of America and Wells, Fargo, who are more concerned about being “accepted” by a corrupt society, who can’t see beyond their own career building or just want a life of party and fun…well, they are probably gonna be there.

The whole Bradley Manning thing should raise serious concerns about the nature of San Francisco Gay Pride and the people who are running it. It obviously wants to be part of the corporatocracy with its CEO of Pride and the “President” of the Board of Gay Pride. Yes, they are very corporate. And while they seem to want to live behind white picket fences in marriages sanctioned by a corrupt state with ever advancing corporate careers, they might do well to look further into the military they have defended and into what Bradley Manning disclosed.

Have they ever read Randy Shilt’s “Conduct Unbecoming” and heard the never ending stories of the brutality gays suffered at the hands of military investigators? Have they read of the recent allegations of horrible sexual abuse of females in the military? Have they read of some of the atrocities carried out by American troops? Well, probably not because Bradley Manning exposed a horrible example of murder by American troops who basically seemed to laugh at the people whose lives they were destroying. It wasn’t the kind of fun that people will be looking for at Gay Pride. But it really happened and people were massacred and for exposing it Bradley Manning is being crucified by the US military.

It is doubtful that Harvey Milk would have sided with the Gay Pride Board and I even think he would have proposed a boycott. Harvey Milk enjoyed a good time but he also had principles and he stood up for them. Isn’t it time to stand up with Harvey Milk?

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by Gay Fresnans
Tuesday Jun 18th, 2013 5:54 AM
...that you boycotters won't be missed. No one who's coming to Pride will give a damn whether you're there or not.
by Free Bradley Manning
Tuesday Jun 18th, 2013 7:47 AM
All events are what you make of them. The Bradley Manning Contingent needs you so we can make it the biggest contingent in the parade to save the life of Bradley Manning. When you are done, you can just leave the whole scene, as will this writer. See

Sunday, June 30th, 2013 10:00am
Howard and Beale st San Francisco Ca

Come Out for Our LGBTQ Whistle blower PFC Bradley Manning at the 2013 SF Pride Parade! You are invited to join our official, fabulous, and epic, contingent for the SF Pride People’s Grand Marshal Bradley Manning!

Music by Kaimera & the Brass Liberation Orchestra, Featuring Daniel Ellsberg (riding in a convertible), and a motorized cable car (for those who can’t walk).

Endorsed by Queer Strike, Gays without Borders, Gay Liberation Network, ACT UP SF & East Bay, The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, SF Green Party, Occupy AIDS & Occupy SF. Organized by Courage to Resist and the Bradley Manning Support Network.
by Mike Novack
Tuesday Jun 18th, 2013 9:27 AM
You are perhaps missing something "Truth or Consequences"?

What LGBT have in common, ALL that they have in common, is their sexuality and that they suffer discrimination and persecution based upon that.

They do NOT have in common their socio-economic position, their politics, be it left, right, or in the middle, whether they are for doing something about the ecological disaster we face or are among those denying anything is amiss, etc.

Yes, it is quite in order that those who have some OTHER connection to march together and demonstrate their support for that other thing. But to stay away because other (most) LGBT folks aren't in agreement with the particular fish you'd like to fry, that's silly.
by Charles Minster
Tuesday Jun 18th, 2013 7:10 PM
Well said brother. Sad to say that without a political party capable of organizing and directing the just anger of the masses escapism and life style choices will be the center of most peoples lives. Rather than face the hard work and struggle needed to build a political alternative most folks "just want to have fun." Irresponsible but then the forces that control this society have programed it that way and until backs are against the wall nothing will change. When it does change and there are masses in the street pissed-off you will see that this government is just like the Turkish Government in the claiming that the protests are "lead by terrorists and hooligans" so let the cops bust heads. Life is struggle if you desire change. The freedom of Bradley Manning is something that a revolutionary party would champion but do any of those defending Bradley Manning know or care about the MOVE 9 and Mumia Abu-Jamal imprisoned in Pennsylvania? Hugo Pinell of the "San Quentin 6" now in his 49th year in California prisons, the last 43 in solitary and over 30 years without a human contact visit?
This societyand system is in decay and in need of a social revolution. Not wishing to do the work the majority will "just have fun."
by Mike Novack
Wednesday Jun 19th, 2013 7:42 AM
You are missing a really important point.

You are assuming that YOUR preferred issues (the ones closest to your heart) are or should be the ones most important to other people.

I'm sorry, but how we live "at home", how we live "in our bodies" is NOT "just having fun". That is not saying that these other issues (the ones more important to you) don't also affect us but which issues are most important is going to be different for each of us. It's a matter of which issues cut closest to the bone, OUR bones.

This is a case where people are uniting over an issue very important to them, very close to the bone, and it is very much out of place to suggest that their unity on THIS issue should be compromised by bringing in other issues where not only is there no unity but people may be lined up on opposite sides.

PLEASE --- I am NOT suggesting that your other issues (which may also be mine) aren't also vitally important but that's to a different (non-overlapping) collection of people. People who not only aren't collectively aligned on LGBT issues but some of whom are on the other side there. The idea that it is going to be possible to to get anything like a majority all aligned on a large collection of issues is dangerous because untrue and working within that false belief leads us to destructive strategies.
The entire world is in the Streets from Turkey to Brazil and kkkorporate fascist government giving arms to Syria and assassinating people with Drone attacks and you ask us to Boycott Gay Pride Parade. If you want to boycott something how boycotting personal car use especially on 9-11 when the Tree People (Tuk Pikuni) and the Indigenous community is asking people to stop driving for four days in defense of our Mother Earth. For Gay Pride Parade it is time to ROCK the hypocrites who pose as leaders and are nothing more than Boot lickers and KKKorporate sellouts. I saw that Punk ass Ed Lee saying in the Parade that he supports civil rights of the people of San Francisco as at that same time using 100 plus SFPD and sellout "Do Anything for a Dollar" SEIU workers to violate an Indigenous burial site at Gezi Gardens (formerly known as Hayes Valley Farm). The site also is an important migration and nesting for over 200 sacred Humming Birds. We must make a stand for Bradley Manning as we will be sporting tee shirts that read "Bradley Manning is a Hero, Gay Pride (officials) is a Zero".
by Free Bradley Manning
Thursday Jun 20th, 2013 2:49 AM
Here are the endorsers of the Bradley Manning contingent stated above:

Endorsed by Queer Strike, Gays without Borders, Gay Liberation Network, ACT UP SF & East Bay, The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, SF Green Party, Occupy AIDS & Occupy SF. Organized by Courage to Resist and the Bradley Manning Support Network.

As you can see, these are organizations involved in a wide variety of political struggles, including supporting Mumia, opposing the prison-industrial complex and much more. You ought to join the Manning Contingent and meet the political activists named above and many more. And political activists who are not gay need to meet the gay community. Homophobia is a deadly poison not only for gays, but also for straights, as it is a common scapegoating technique against men who are "too feminine," and women who are "too masculine."

Let us remember what this parade commemorates: The 1969 Stonewall Rebellion by black and Puerto Rican drag queens fighting a police raid at the Stonewall bar in New York. They were at the bar to "have fun," but, in keeping with the massive anti-war movement against the US slaughter in Vietnam at the time, preceded by the black civil rights movement, soon acted politically against a police raid as being gay at the time was illegal. Sodomy was finally legalized nationally in 2003 in the Supreme Court decision of Lawrence v Texas, preceded by some states like Illinois in 1962 and California in 1976 in legislative repeals. New York did the same in a court of appeal case in 1980. For the whole list, see:

There should be 50,000 people in the Manning contingent alone, if the Bay Area is such a strong supporter of gay rights and civil liberties. Please make every effort to be there. We are straight and gay together for Bradley Manning to put an end to fascism in the USA and abolish the war machine.

Please Sign Petition here and circulate widely to friends, organizations, Facebook, Twitter and more….There are still 10 days to press the SF Pride Board.

The ‘Grand Marshal, Not Court Martial Coalition’ has been pressing the SF Pride Board to reinstate Bradley Manning as the Grand Marshal of this year’s Pride march after they unilaterally removed him and abused their own election process. This is part of a much wider effort building support for Bradley Manning now on trial for his life. Come to the Bradley Manning Contingent on Sunday June 30, 2013.

We are the 99% of the LGBTQ community, and we will not be silenced by the Pride Board about this injustice. We cannot let them get away with it.

by Mike Novack
Friday Jun 21st, 2013 4:29 AM

This is NOT about whether supporting of not supporting Manning is a good idea. It should be clear from what I have written earlier that those who have (important) interests aside from main LGBT concerns should take part AND in ways that indicate support for this other thing.

But being delusional about reality interferes with our ability to choose wise strategies and tactics.

The LGBT community is NOT 99% behind Manning actions. Just like they would not be 99% behind anything else.

There is a need to evaluate choices here. Is showing support for Manning in THAT way worth enough to pay the price in contention within the community? Impossible to make that evaluation while holding an unrealistic belief about the numbers of LGBT folks on either side of this issue. Part of that difficulty is in understanding the motivations of event organizers, the false ideas we arrive at about WHY they oppose this particular gesture supporting Manning.

Do you understand the difference? It is one thing for people taking part in the event to demonstrate their support for Manning, to show their numbers and the depth of that support. It is another to ask the event itself to show COLLECTIVE support for Manning. Yes of course, IF it were true that 99% of the community supported Manning a show of collective support more than justified. Could be one heck of a lot less than that and still be justified. Could be even just a majority and MAYBE justified (need more than a simple majority if an issue if extremely contentious in a voluntary group). BUT (a very big but) I'm not sure that there is even a simple majority in active support of Manning.